27 January 2020

Shantanu Pasari on from interning to leading HIVERY’s world-first AI software in vending

In this podcast episode you can learn about:
• Shan’s journey from India to Serbia, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and the USA; and how working and living in different cultures impact one’s view of the world;

• how Shan moved from interning to being the director of Vending Analytics, HIVERY’s flagship and first product, in 2 years. Vending Analytics is the world’s first artificial intelligence solution in vending machine management. It allows users to optimise their entire vending machine fleet and individual inventory (space and assortment) in seconds;

• how Vending Analytics and AI in it actually thinks. Shan shares some real-life examples from shopping malls to hospitals;

• what it is like working at HIVERY, and opportunities to explore interests beyond your current role;

To learn more about Vending Analytics tune in Artem Golubev’s podcast on engineering and how it influences leadership.

22 December 2019

Tanvir Hossain on beyond just coding as a software engineer

In this podcast episode you can learn about:
• what it’s really like being a software engineer at a startup vs at a corporate organisation. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hint: passion and adaptability is key;

• what it is like to get a chance to explore beyond your immediate skill set. With Tanvir, it was his chance to explore what it is like to try DevOps for a while and in the process become an AWS certified cloud practitioner!

• why doing side projects is more than just about having “fun”. Not does it solely aids in your learning process but it also makes you more “employable”. Building for fun builds your credibility!

• what resources to look for as a software engineer to develop your curiosity and skills;

• how to prepare for any role and have the confidence to go for it;

• what it’s like working at HIVERY and what support is available to develop your skills and why learning and experimenting is so much encouraged;

• Tanvir’s secret way of coding. Hint: developing a customer-centric mindset and visualization is the secret ingredient in any software developers toolkit.

16 December 2019

Alvaro Flores on his PhD and HIVERY transforming promotional calendars

In this podcast episode you can learn about:
• how maths and operations management inspired Alvaro to devote his career to data and solving business problems with mathematical models;

• how HIVERY has developed a completely new way of generating calendars, combining machine learning and operations research;

• how optimisation is used in our new retail promotions calendar tool, often referred to as “Trade Promotion Optimisation”;

• what Alvaro wanted to solve with his PhD. Hint: It’s a new way of thinking about the traditional “customer choice model”. Why new thinking? Learn why stocking the products on “most revenue”(i.e. by demand), may not be the right strategy;

• why working at HIVERY and studying simultaneously was the ideal way to both gain commercial experience and apply academia in a practical way;

• what Alvaro is working on – an exciting new podcast that sheds light on innovative scientific research. Stay tuned for the link!

3 December 2019

Carlos Aya on mathematical models and using them to solve real problems

In this podcast episode you can learn about:
• the latest methods in statistical analysis (ex. nearest neighbor);

• the exciting R&D being done at HIVERY in developing the world’s first AI trade promotional solution for CPGs and retailers;

• how Carlos (and his team) works through a sophisticated AI model design to solve a customer problem where, given the number of different business goals, product SKUs and constraints, there are more possibilities to solve it than literally the number of atoms in the universe;

• the importance of relationships between data scientists and software engineers (similar to UI designers and software engineers, listen to Luke’s podcast);

• tips to transition from software engineering to data science. Key ingredient: Passion;

• the balance between study and work at HIVERY

30 October 2019

Artem Golubev on engineering and how it influences leadership

Artem Golubev shares his story on becoming a software development team leader at HIVERY. Artem joined HIVERY as a software developer in late 2017, deciding to combine his interest in Machine Learning with the culture of a start-up. Having navigated the corporate space for many years, Artem decided it was time to pursue his interests further in a more fast-paced and flexible environment, where things are done much quicker with less regard for the status quo. Artem believes this allows one to witness results much quicker. When combined with having access to cutting-edge technology, it creates more opportunities to work with the latest and greatest. Artem also belives that start-ups facilitate an individual’s growth due to much broader responsibilities and opportunities to wear multiple hats and learn more.

2 September 2019

Sarah Banek on being a pirate and HIVERY culture

As the Head of People & Culture, Sarah supports the continued growth and development of the Hivery team, integrates structures in place to scale up globally and to support an autonomous, integrated, flexible working environment.

7 July 2019

Ben Henschke on taking HIVERY and AI to Japan

Ben Henschke develops machine learning and optimisation algorithms that underlie Hivery’s flagship product, currently deployed in three continents. Ben also manages the localisation of Hivery’s major product for the Japanese and Chinese markets. In this interview, Ben shares his insights into transferring to Japan to set up the office and build the technical team for Hivery’s Japanese subsidiary.

24 May 2019

Luke Barnes on building AI UX Design

From pursuing architecture to building product design and software frameworks, Luke Barnes shares his insights into building Artificial Intelligence User Experience Design.

13 May 2019

Franki Chamaki on creating HIVERY and revolutionising retail space

From mouse traps to dating apps to single origin coffee, Franki Chamaki, co-founder and COO of HIVERY talks about the creation of the company, his innovative spirit and the need for companies to look at three innovation horizons.

6 May 2019

Between Worlds – Jason Hosking on building the retail AI stack

Podcast with Mike Walsh the futurist and keynote speaker of NAMA 2019.

“I met Jason in Las Vegas while speaking at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show. The vending industry is uniquely placed to be a testing ground for the intersection of data, consumer behavior and autonomous retail solutions. Jason, who is the CEO of AI startup Hivery was originally selected as part of an innovation accelerator organized by the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. Tasked to take Coke assets and create a new business model, they came up with an AI platform designed to transform retail decision making. Catching up backstage in Vegas, we spoke about the future of machine learning, and what it might take to build a complete retail AI technology stack”

The original post can be found here: Mike Walsh Podcast