7 July 2019

Being a scientific maverick: Interview with Ben Henschke

Ben Henschke develops machine learning and optimisation algorithms that underlie Hivery’s flagship product, currently deployed in three continents. Ben also manages the localisation of Hivery’s major product for the Japanese and Chinese markets. In this interview, Ben shares his insights into transferring to Japan to set up the office and build the technical team for Hivery’s Japanese subsidiary.

24 May 2019

Being a scientific maverick: Interview with Luke Barnes

From pursuing architecture to building product design and software frameworks, Luke Barnes shares his insights into building Artificial Intelligence User Experience Design.

13 May 2019

Being a scientific maverick: Interview with Franki Chamaki

From mouse traps to dating apps to single origin coffee, Franki Chamaki, Cofounder and COO of HIVERY talks about the creation of the company, his innovative spirit and the need for companies to look at three innovation horizons.

Franki was a founding member of Coca-Cola’s first Accelerator, a network of entrepreneurs working in the most innovative cities worldwide to build the next generation of billion-dollar businesses with the support of Coca-Cola.

In 2013, he set up internal startups for the Coca­-Cola Accelerator (now Coca-Cola Founders Platform). In 2014, it was spun out of Coca-Cola and set up as Red Garage Ventures, which builds startups connected to Coca-Cola’s global assets and investment.

Prior to this, he worked at AMP – a leading specialist wealth management company – where he led various business design roles and later years in strategy & innovation.

Growing up, he tinkered around re-inventing mouse traps to selling recycled rubber as erasers. He often been branded as a “Professional Geek” and has launched several early-stage start-ups namely; DatingCompanion an app helps couples keep their romance alive, – an online service that helps people see how their tattoo would look like and – a peer-to-peer-marketplace for physical space.

He is currently Cofounder and Chief Operations Officer of HIVERY a data science company where its mission is to automate business decision leveraging artificial intelligence. The HIVERY has a propriety algorithm framework that represents the next frontier of data analytics.

He goes by the belief that anyone who tries to improve a situation is a designer.

6 May 2019

Between Worlds – Jason Hosking on building the retail AI stack

Podcast with Mike Walsh the futurist and keynote speaker of NAMA 2019.

“I met Jason in Las Vegas while speaking at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show. The vending industry is uniquely placed to be a testing ground for the intersection of data, consumer behavior and autonomous retail solutions. Jason, who is the CEO of AI startup Hivery was originally selected as part of an innovation accelerator organized by the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. Tasked to take Coke assets and create a new business model, they came up with an AI platform designed to transform retail decision making. Catching up backstage in Vegas, we spoke about the future of machine learning, and what it might take to build a complete retail AI technology stack”

The original post can be found here: Mike Walsh Podcast