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The data revolution in retail.

The retail revolution was not televised.

It began quietly in November 2014, when HIVERY was born following a big data hackathon that brought together Franki Chamaki and Jason Hosking (serial entrepreneurs coming from the Coca-Cola Founders platform) and Charles Gretton, Matthew Robards, and Menkes van den Briel (data scientists with backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research) coming from renowned CSIRO's Data61. CSIRO is Australia's national science agency who also invented Wi-Fi technologies and helped NASA reach the Moon, sending TV images to 600 million people around the world.

The team began running a series of experiments on Newcastle vending machines, with the help of Coca-Cola Amatil. The hypothesis was that artificial intelligence could learn from the data, then make space and assortment recommendations that would increase sales, reduce costs, and maximise profitability from the entire fleet.

As an Australian city of almost half a million people, Newcastle is often used as a testing ground for Sydney, and Sydney for the world. So we knew if it worked there, it could work anywhere. And it did.

While this ultimately gave birth to what is called HIVERY Enhance today, it also proved the way the team thought about retail problems was different, adding new value never seen before. It later paved the way for future AI-driven solutions including HIVERY Curate (AI in category management) and HIVERY Promote (AI in retail trade promotions).

Data has a better idea

Our philosophy is that Data has a better idea™, and since our inception in 2015, HIVERY has been proving repeatedly that data has a better idea. Our technology platform is at the core of the HIVERY business, and the mantle around that is our incredibly talented team of scientists, engineers, designers, and customers who bring our platform to life daily.

Building a platform and an AI retail company

HIVERY was officially formed in 2015, and our founders built a highly advanced AI system on bleeding-edge technologies from the machine learning, operations research, and design discipline. It's a system that remains at the core of HIVERY to this day and is continuously improved by an ever-expanding team of scientists, engineers, and designers as we pursue and develop our ultimate vision that Data has a better idea™ focusing on retail

Taking it global

Having started with vending machines, the platform has evolved to develop retail strategies around the occasion, brand, package, price, and channel. It analyses previously unintelligible sales data and turns it into actionable intelligence, and the result - is an increase in sales.

What began as an experiment all these years ago has now been deployed in Australia, Japan, North America, and Europe.

The retail revolution was not televised. However, it has inexorably, inevitably, gone global.

Today, the company is pioneering hyper-local retailing by combining artificial intelligence, operations research, and human-centered design to help consumer goods companies and retailers generate returns on physical space investments.

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