Use Cases For HIVERY Curate

HIVERY Curate provides fast store-level data insights and simulations to accelerate your retail strategy.

Industry-proven science wrapped in a deceptively simple UI, HIVERY Curate is the most advanced analytics for simulating and optimizing portfolio, assortment, and space strategies.

AI as your co-pilot. We are here to assist:

  1. Executive Leadership: Empower visionary brand, category, and portfolio strategy leadership. Enhance agility and fuel growth acceleration with HIVERY Curate’s advanced analytics.
  2. Category Advisory & Development: Utilize Curate to refine assortment and bolster retail partnerships. Secure data-driven agreements and drive market share growth with strategic insights.
  3. Sales & Account Management: Leverage Curate to surpass competitors, boost revenue, and widen market presence through innovative SKU strategies for retailers and consumers.
  4. Shopper Insights: Employ Curate to unveil deep insights into brand and assortment strategies against competitors, transforming sales data into effective shopper marketing strategies and in-store actions.

You can explore the use cases below or discover the features and benefits of HIVERY Curate.

Category Management

Building Strong Retailer Relationships and Efficient Planning Strategies

As a category captain, an adviser, or someone leading your company's category development, you face significant challenges. You have to manage multiple categories, subcategories, and stores. You need to comprehend the impact of promotions and pricing, manage inventory, and ensure optimized space allocation. Besides, you must establish and maintain relationships with retailers and other internal teams. You also need to assess industry trends, conduct thorough category and brand performance analyses, and identify opportunities that inform joint business planning (JBP), Product Line Reviews (PLR), and other strategic planning processes.

These are a lot of variables to consider.

Consumer & Shopper Insights

Leveraging Data to Drive Growth and Improve Shopper Experiences

Consumer & Shopper Insights professionals need to make data-driven decisions that can improve shopper experiences, drive revenue growth, and maximize efficiency and profitability. You focus on helping your sales and category teams understand hidden trends and insight shoppers and how they impact clustering, new item performance, assortment price pack architecture, and SKU rationalization optimization.

Revenue Growth Management

Maximizing Revenue and Profitability through Strategic Data Analysis

Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is a business strategy that optimizes revenue growth by managing pricing, promotions, and product assortment. RGM is widely used by businesses to enhance overall revenue. It helps businesses optimize pricing strategies and promotions by analyzing customer behavior, market trends, and competitor pricing. RGM also helps businesses determine which products to stock and how much of each product to stock. By providing valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and competitor pricing, RGM helps businesses maximize revenue and profitability.

Sales and Sales Management

Juggling between SKU innovation and rationalization

Sales leaders and sales account executives must balance SKU innovation and rationalization, which requires a strategic approach, data analysis, and collaboration with retail buyers.

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