Podcast: Penelope Murdoch on Retail Transformation and Designing AI-Driven Products

August 16, 2023 | By Penelope Murdoch

Come and join Milena Salmon, the host of Retail Mavericks, and Penelope Murdoch, the Lead Design Manager at HIVERY, as they delve into the exciting realm of design, AI, and retail transformation. This fascinating conversation covers a range of topics, from taking a holistic approach to design to the shift from digital transformation to AI products. You'll gain valuable insights into the modern retail industry and its evolution.

By listening to this podcast, you will not only gain insight into what it's like working as a designer at HIVERY, but you will also learn:
1. How real-time insights can shape retail, allowing for shelf optimization and operational efficiency.
2. How the importance of a holistic design ensures that products align with the overall service offering and meet users' needs.
3. The unique challenges and opportunities in transitioning from traditional digital design to AI-driven products.
4. The vital role of collaboration, trust, and innovation within teams in fostering creativity and staying competitive.

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