HIVERY Curate recognized by Gartner

HIVERY Curate has been recognized by globally independent IT research company, Gartner and on track to grow client sales over $1 billion

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What we do

Critical space, crucial retail planning

  • Retail is an ongoing battle for space and spend, and if you want to prevail you need to out-think your competitors.
  • At HIVERY, we apply artificial intelligence, operations research (or "applied mathematics") and design, specializing in the areas of vending, trade promotion and category management
  • Fortunately, HIVERY uses the world’s most advanced machine learning and operations research techniques to learn from your existing data to make recommendations.
  • Our software requires no installation and is highly intuitive.

Globally recognised company

Our efforts are being recognised, both locally and globally. We don’t do it for the awards, but it’s nice that our achievements are recognised.

News & updates

The latest from HIVERY

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