HIVERY Curate for Retailers

The world’s most advanced analytics for simulating & optimizing store-level merchandise and space strategies.

What if you could negotiate with suppliers rapidly, mitigate supply chain disruptions, respond to shopper trends, and make informed decisions at the store level by just asking questions? With HIVERY Curate as your co-pilot, you can.

About HIVERY Curate

Be a hero to your shoppers and suppliers; have your inventory locally relevant & operationally efficient.

Leverage AI with HIVERY Curate to gain hyper-local, store-level insights and optimize your merchandise across any number of stores. Simulate dynamic strategies by incorporating real-world merchandise constraints, aligning with your retail category goals, and negotiating with suppliers confidently. Drive locally relevant, effectively merchandised, and operationally efficient category plans.


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How the Curate engine works

How the Curate engine works

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