Podcast - How AI Can Drive New Product Innovation & Measure Impact

October 29, 2023 | By HIVERY

Discover how HIVERY Curate transforms new product innovation in retail on the latest episode of Retail Maverick! Dive into a real-world use case where AI-powered insights enable precision in planning, operational efficiency, and even damage control.

Learn how to confidently pitch new products to retail buyers backed by data-driven insights, reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of success. Tune in now for a glimpse into the future of retail!

What Listeners Will Learn:

  • How HIVERY Curate's AI-driven approach revolutionizes new product innovation.
  • The power of quantified predictions in retail sell-in strategies.
  • Optimizing retail space efficiently by identifying downsizing or removal opportunities.
  • How to make informed decisions in unforeseen circumstances to minimize negative impact.

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