HIVERY Curate for CPG Brands

The most advanced analytics for simulating and optimizing portfolio, assortment, and space strategies at the store level

What if you could use HIVERY Curate to discover the assortment strategies that matter most to your shoppers and retail business by leveraging your data at the most granular level as your co-pilot?

About HIVERY Curate

The Shelf Should Be At The Center Of All Decisions.Nothing Matters Unless It's On The Shelf

Why bother creating strategies if you are not considering the actual shopper behavior? Confidence in assortment plans is crucial for CPG manufacturers when dealing with retailers. HIVERY Curate harnesses AI to provide hyper-local, retail-specific store-level insights, enabling you to identify growth opportunities previously impossible with complete transparency. You can simultaneously simulate and qualify dynamic strategies with real-world constraints, aligning with your brand portfolio and retailer goals.


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How the Curate engine works

How the Curate engine works

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