Welcome to the Hive


HIVERY’s vision is upheld by a set of core values that drives how every employee
thinks and acts every day.

HIVERY Core Values

Live Passionately

We know our own why
and wake up with passion to fulfill it.
We are here to own it and make a difference.

Be A Pirate

We are explorers in uncharted seas finding good ideas. We take intelligent risks, think beyond rules and the ordinary.

Think Entrepreneurial

We challenge assumptions.
We experiment to thrive. We move fast and make a business impact.

Strive For Simplicity

We strive for simplicity in all that we do, betraying the complexity behind the problems we solve.

Have The H-Factor

We are quirky, genuine and inclusive.
Social and collaborative.

What You Are Going To Be Famous For?

Our aim at HIVERY is to build your Personal Brand Equity (PBE).
Why is this important you may ask?

Think about it, big companies like Coca-Cola, Apple and Google spend
billions of dollars a year in building and maintaining their brands.
This helps them drive a “premium” in the marketplace they operate in.

At HIVERY, we want to do the same but in the labor market for you.
We want to help you answer the simple question “What are you going to be famous for?”
With Personal Mastery, working with smart folks, not being pigeonholed,
and our intention is to help you build your Personal Brand Equity
so you can drive your own premium in your chosen career.

Why Work Here?

Empowered to work on projects
your way
Accelerate the evolution of yourself by learning from others

Not locked into silo roles. Variety with specialty
Develop your technical and commercial skills to evolve yourself as Chief
Experimentation is in our DNA. You get the chance to work with the latest tech.
HIVERY is a global business. Travel to work with our clients is part of what we do

Data is your Destiny

We are making the Fourth Industrial Revolution happen. It’s your opportunity to kick-start and evolve your career with a data-driven AI company while having a little fun on the side.

Join our Team

We are a tight-knit team of talented problem-solvers, with a reputation for delivering client success. We’re looking for talented, ambitious people with a yen for success. We need to shore up our teams in Australia, Japan and the United States, so if you fit the bill get in touch, it will be the smartest move you’ve made!