We're a team unlike any other. Scientific Mavericks who settle for nothing less than the best in ourselves, in others, in the world. We know that together we can do better. Solving complex problems through the unique combination of science and creativity is who we are and what we do. Come and play.

What we offer

Being a Hiverian and working with great minds is just the beginning….

Flexible Working

Our aim is always to have a well-connected, highly productive and engaged team. That's why we've adopted a blended approach to in-office collaboration and flexible working.

Work Meets Play

HIVERY's a place and space unlike any other. Where daily discoveries are made, in an open environment, where everybody and every idea matters.

Diverse and Inclusive Team

We love being  different. We encourage and embrace uniqueness. The diversity of how we think and solve complex problems underpins our culture.  We bring the 'H' factor and work to bring out the best in each other.

Cutting Edge AI

HIVERY is at the cutting edge of AI in retail analytics. Become a part of the Hivery evolution in the data revolution. Work with some of the best minds to be found in Machine Learning, Data Science and Optimization. 

Purposeful Work

There is a higher purpose behind the work we do at HIVERY.  Whether you leverage AI to make businesses see things differently, or train machines to augment human thought, we know and live our higher purpose. 

The Fun Factor

Whether it's Mario Kart, trivia, a poker night, or company wide sailing trip, we work hard, celebrate our success, and take time to connect.

Wellbeing Benefits

The health of our business is not the only thing we care about. Through our Happy Hive and Fit & Fab programs we keep your health and happiness front and centre.

Learning Culture

From Associate to Product Owner, from Intern to Ph.D we foster an open continuous feedback learning culture to enable you to realise your potential and be your best.

What we believe

Our Vision

With the belief that 'data has a better idea', HIVERY set out to redefine the future of retail.

We are pioneers of Al enabled optimization solutions that grow our customers' businesses.

Our goal is to help our clients operationalise their strategies through leveraging their data to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and enabling the industry to reduce waste.

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Principles we believe in

Our Hivery Values

Live Passionately

We know our own why and wake up with passion to fulfil it. We are here to own it and make a difference.

Strive For Simplicity

We strive for simplicity in all that we do, betraying the complexity behind the problems we solve.

Be A Pirate

We are explorers in uncharted seas finding good ideas. We take intelligent risks, think beyond rules and the ordinary.

Think Entrepreneurial

We challenge assumptions. We experiment to thrive. We move fast and make a business impact.

Have The H-Factor

We are quirky, genuine and inclusive. Social and collaborative.
News & updates

The latest from HIVERY

Next-gen merchandising solutions to meet the coming challenges of retail with Jon Duke and John Showalter
September 28, 2022 | By Jon Duke and John Showalter
In this webinar (converted to a podcast) hosted by Category Management Association; IDC’s Jon Duke, Vice President of Research and Retail Insights, and HIVERY's John Showalter, VP of Client Services, discuss the coming merchandising challenges for retailers and CPGs as well as the next generation of software solutions that help solve them. As investment in AI in retail accelerates, and its adoption increases, we are rapidly moving from the future-focused, more-visionary-than-practical approach into a world where next-gen tools deliver practical value. International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services. IDC examines consumer markets by devices, applications, and services for clients. Jon Duke, IDC's Vice President of Research and Retail Insights, leads the Intelligent Product Merchandising and Marketing Strategies practice and is responsible for delivering IDC Retail Insights’ authoritative perspective on how retailers can leverage technology solutions to achieve key operational, tactical, and strategic objectives across merchandising and marketing functions. Jon provides global, fact-based, retailer-driven research and analysis that IT buyers and merchant users can use to gain an advantage. International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services. IDC examines consumer markets by devices, applications, and services for clients. John Showalter, HIVERY’s VP of Client Services, is a seasoned category management and shopper insights professional with 30+ years of experience. John has held senior roles at Kellogg, Bayer, The Coca-Cola Company, and Red Bull driving business outcomes and capabilities in Category Insights, Shopper Research, and Insights, Space Planning as well as Training and Capabilities. He is a CMA Certified Professional Strategic Advisor and has worked on CMA's Evolution of Category Management in an Omnichannel World project.


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Clearly there is more to HIVERY than "defined" roles; so if you think you have something that you can bring to the team, send us your CV and a cover letter along with with links to LinkedIn, GitHub or design portfolio.