Podcast - Unveiling Edge Assortments: AI's Hidden Retail Gems

August 21, 2023 | By HIVERY

Discover the transformative Edge Assortments Strategy on Retail Maverick Shorts. In the dynamic retail realm, AI-powered Edge assortments are the key to optimizing revenue growth and operational efficiency. These strategic selections, identified through AI's data prowess, lie at the edges of traditional assortment plans, impacting business outcomes significantly. With a focus on just a handful of products within a larger assortment, Edge assortments have the potential to deliver impressive revenue gains, elevate consumer satisfaction, and offer a competitive edge. Join us as we explore AI's role in uncovering these hidden gems, empowering proactive decision-making, and facilitating retailer collaboration. The "trailing analysis" concept also shines a light on refining future assortments. Tune in to understand how AI revolutionizes assortment planning, aligning intuition with data science.

Listeners Will Learn:

  • The concept of Edge Assortments Strategy and its significance in the retail landscape.
  • How AI-driven analysis can uncover hidden value within the periphery of traditional assortment plans.
  • The power of proactive decision-making and collaboration with retailers through scenario exploration.
  • The role of "trailing analysis" in fine-tuning future assortments for optimal results.

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