"What If" Scenarios: Exploring Assortment Strategies with AI

Podcast - "What If" Scenarios: Exploring Assortment Strategies with AI

September 14, 2023 | By HIVERY

In this episode of Retail Maverick Shorts, we embark on a journey into the world of retail assortment strategy, guided by the power of "What If" scenarios and cutting-edge AI technology. Our expert host delves deep into how retailers and CPG suppliers can harness the flexibility and insights offered by AI-driven assortment strategies.

Listeners will discover the significance of adapting to ever-changing customer preferences, even within a single metro area, and why this flexibility is essential for retail success, especially when dealing with major retail chains. We explore how robust data analytics and AI can fine-tune assortment strategies, enabling retailers to make data-driven decisions.

The podcast delves into the capabilities of "What If" scenarios, showing how they allow retailers to simulate changes in packaging, pricing, and more, helping them make informed decisions before implementing changes. Learn how AI can support various retail teams, from Marketing to Sales, in identifying growth opportunities and optimizing assortments.

Discover the hidden gems in your retail assortment strategy with AI-driven insights. Join us to uncover the superpowers that "What If" scenarios can bring to the world of retail.

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