Revenue Growth Management Use Case for HIVERY Curate
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Revenue Growth Management Use Case for HIVERY Curate

September 01, 2023 | By HIVERY

Imagine a world where the complexities of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) are transformed into strategic opportunities. If you're in RGM, you know the role demands a mastery of financial analysis, cross-functional collaboration, and scenario planning. Data becomes the ultimate conversation starter, leading to more productive meetings.


Enter HIVERY Curate, a game-changing solution powered by AI and machine learning technologies. It offers a store-level approach that empowers you to rapidly run portfolio, assortment, and space strategies, providing actionable insights. This lets you focus on consultative, value-added work and proactively achieve business goals.

Let's explore three (3) typical use cases that you can master with HIVERY Curate AI as a co-pilot:

1. Mastering Long-Term Display Efficiency

Effective leveraging of long-term displays or secondary placements is crucial in the dynamic retail environment. These displays, often utilized during seasonal events like the Super Bowl, are situated prominently, sometimes as end caps at the aisle fronts, running for substantial periods, sometimes up to 13 weeks. HIVERY Curate assists in determining the optimal assortment for these displays, aligning with each store's demand portfolio to maximize sell-through during the display period. It facilitates the simulation of various scenarios to identify the products exhibiting the highest sell-through, ensuring a successful long-term display strategy. 

2. Mastering Pricing Impact Strategies

Understanding and utilizing the concept of price elasticity curves is essential to this strategy. HIVERY Curate enables you to analyze various scenarios and study the impact of price changes on volume. This, in turn, helps you assess the space required at different retail locations. By strategizing the optimal use of space opened up due to volume changes, you can ensure alignment with upstream manufacturing impacts while considering manufacturing capabilities. The tool offers insights into how price alterations affect space requirements and helps you make informed decisions on product placements.

3. Mastering Synergized Promotion and Pricing Strategies

Combining long-term display efficiency strategies with pricing impact strategies creates a powerful opportunity for RGM teams. Imagine running an end cap for 13 weeks, with a 10% price reduction and an anticipated 20% increase in volume. With the help of HIVERY Curate, the right products can be selected for the end cap, considering the increased sell-through speed and ensuring sufficient stock levels during the promotional period. The tool also considers DC (Distribution Centre) constraints and predicted volume impacts, enabling a strategy that ensures a steady supply chain and maximized sales.


Embark on Your Revenue Growth Journey with AI as Your Co-Pilot

Discover how HIVERY Curate can be your strategic partner in mastering the complexities of Revenue Growth Management. Experience the power of store-level, AI-driven insights and elevate your RGM initiatives.

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Experience the power of HIVERY Curate for yourself. Request a demo today and discover how HIVERY Curate can revolutionize your role, whether you're in Revenue Management or Analytic specialist.

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