Revenue Growth Management Use Case for HIVERY Curate
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Revenue Growth Management Use Case for HIVERY Curate

September 01, 2023 | By HIVERY

Imagine a world where the complexities of Revenue Growth Management (RGM) are transformed into strategic opportunities. If you're in RGM, you know the role demands a mastery of financial analysis, cross-functional collaboration, and scenario planning. Data becomes the ultimate conversation starter, leading to more productive meetings.

HIVERY Curate provides an AI-driven approach to rapidly run portfolio, assortment strategies with demand transfer built in. This lets you focus on consultative, value-added work and proactively achieve business goals.

Curate will qualify the incremental impact of sales revenue and volume in every interaction with demand transfer built-in.

  • SKU Rationalization: Identify better SKU replacements at the store level to ensure your product assortment remains optimized and profitable.
  • SKU Innovation: Interactively swap poor-performing SKUs with your innovation item(s) and see the impact.
  • Retailer-Specific Price Pack Architecture: Discover and optimize the pack size architecture across retail chains. 

Embark on Your Revenue Growth Journey guide by AI

Discover how HIVERY Curate can be your strategic partner in mastering the complexities of Revenue Growth Management. Experience the power of store-level, AI-driven insights and elevate your RGM initiatives.

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Experience the power of HIVERY Curate for yourself. Request a demo today and discover how HIVERY Curate can revolutionize your role, whether you're in revenue management or an Analytics specialist.

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