Sales Leader's Guide to Retailer-Centric Success: Harnessing HIVERY Curate for Precision Assortment and Revenue Boost
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Sales Leader's Guide to Retailer-Centricity: Using HIVERY Curate for Precision Assortment and Revenue Boost

October 28, 2023 | By HIVERY

HIVERY Curate empowers sales teams by providing actionable insights, planning new programs and SKU transitions, optimizing assortments, and enabling data-driven decisions about shelf placements, space constraints, and promotional strategies. It maximizes productivity, improves sales performance, and drives revenue growth, making it an essential tool for success in the retail industry.

Juggling between SKU innovation and rationalization can feel complex and demanding for sales leaders. It requires a strategic approach, careful data analysis, and close collaboration with retail buyers to find the right balance that meets shopper and retailer needs while achieving your company goals and maintaining operational efficiency.

As a Sales Leader, your role is dynamic, multifaceted, and crucial to the success of your organization. You're the bridge between your brand and the retailer, tasked with various responsibilities. To excel in this role and be the hero to your retailer buyer, you need a tool that's as agile and flexible as you are.

Interactive Planning with HIVERY Curate

HIVERY Curate harnesses the power of AI to provide you with hyper-local, retail-specific store-level insights. This enables you to identify growth opportunities previously impossible with complete transparency. With HIVERY Curate, you can interactively and visually plan new programs and SKU transitions, execute large seasonal events across all related functions and teams, and lead line reviews and assortment planning as part of annual processes.

How HIVERY Curate can be used by sales

HIVERY Curate is designed to empower Sales Leaders with actionable insights and interactive planning capabilities. Here's how Curate can help you:

  • SKU Innovation: With HIVERY Curate, you can interactively swap poor-performing SKUs and introduce new product innovations. With every interaction, you can qualify the incremental impact of sales revenue and volume.
  • SKU Discontinuation: HIVERY Curate lets you identify corporately discontinued products and find suitable replacements. This ensures that your assortment remains optimized and profitable.
  • SKU Supply Chain: In the face of market and supply shocks, HIVERY Curate allows you to find and test strategies with your retailer buyer in anticipation of supply chain changes with specific SKUs. This proactive approach helps maintain the health of the category and the strength of your brand.

The Power of Interactive Planning

Interactive planning with HIVERY Curate means you can become a dynamic and responsive salesperson, show thought leadership, and build strong relationships with your internal teams and the retailer buyer. You can achieve mutual brand and category growth while maintaining organizational agility and flexibility to deal with dynamic environments.

See how

Experience the power of HIVERY Curate for yourself. Request a demo today and see how HIVERY Curate can revolutionize your role as a Sales Leader, providing you with the tools you need to drive your brand and category growth. See how HIVERY Curate can transform your sales efforts. Schedule a demo now.

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