6 Use Cases for Scenario Analysis & Effective Assortment Planning with HIVERY Curate
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Category Growth Strategies: 6 Use Cases for Scenario Analysis & Effective Assortment Planning with HIVERY Curate

August 28, 2023 | By HIVERY

Anyone in the category management field, including sales, category management specialists, and shopper insights, knows the ever-evolving landscape of consumer packaged goods (CPG) retail, and making informed decisions is crucial for success. Brands and retailers must optimize their product assortments, anticipate growth opportunities, and align their strategies with the larger category objectives.

This is where HIVERY Curate, an AI-powered solution, revolutionizes assortment planning and scenario analysis, providing actionable insights that drive category-wide. For example, have you never wanted to master assortment price pack architecture per retailer?

If you work in sales, category management, or shopper insights, these six use cases will be helpful for you to consider:

  1. Scenario Planning for Growth Opportunities - Scenario planning is like having a crystal ball that enables you to foresee the outcomes of different strategies before implementation. When it comes to the unpredictable nature of the retail industry, HIVERY Curate can be a valuable tool. It utilizes machine learning models and store-level data to assess strategies based on real-world limitations. With this tool, you can obtain qualified predictions regarding the potential impact of specific questions. Imagine having the ability to ask and receive results that qualify the impact of that strategy to guide your decision-making process:

    - How do I maximize the productivity of existing space?
    - How can I rationalize my SKUs at each store but limit churn to 5%?
    - What is the impact of demand transfer across the portfolio?
    - What opportunity is there to re-optimize my cluster strategy and planogram numbers?
    - How incremental will my new items be to my brand portfolio and the retailer?​ ​
    - How incremental will my new items be to my brand portfolio and the retailer?​ ​

    These simulations help category management, revenue growth, and shopper insight leaders identify growth opportunities and make informed decisions based on anticipated returns.
  2. Optimizing Assortment at Store Level - Every store is unique, with its own customer preferences and buying patterns. HIVERY Curate understands this hyper-local retail aspect and offers insights for optimizing merchandise assortment across different stores. It's not just about having the right products; it's about having the right products tailored to each store's specific audience. This level of personalization drives locally relevant effectively merchandised, and operationally efficient category plans.
  3. Translating Data into Actionable Insights - Data is valuable, but only when it translates into actionable insights. HIVERY Curate doesn't just inundate you with numbers; it empowers you with insights that can be acted upon. Imagine walking into a buyer meeting armed with insights derived from data. This includes understanding demographic shifts, identifying leakage issues, and presenting growth opportunities. With HIVERY Curate, data isn't just information; it's your secret weapon for proactive decision-making.
  4. Category-Level Decision-Making - A brand's success is often intertwined with the success of the larger category. HIVERY Curate recognizes the importance of brand-level insights and category-level dynamics. Brands can explore scenarios that impact their products and the entire category's performance. This holistic approach ensures that decisions are aligned with the category's growth, resulting in better outcomes for all participants.
  5. Enhancing Sales Team Productivity - Sales teams are the frontline warriors of retail, engaging with buyers and driving growth. With HIVERY Curate, these teams can enter buyer meetings armed with data-backed insights. Demographic shifts, leakage issues, and growth opportunities become part of the narrative. This proactive approach strengthens buyer relationships and positions brands as trusted partners, paving the way for growth.
  6. Aligning Growth with Category Success - In the competitive world of CPG, winning means more than individual success. It means aligning growth with the larger category's success. As the saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all boats." HIVERY Curate helps brands capture more than their fair share of category growth. By understanding how decisions impact the overall category, brands can strategically position themselves for success.

The world of CPG retail is complex, but HIVERY Curate simplifies it by providing insights that empower brands and retailers to make informed decisions. From scenario planning to optimizing assortments and aligning growth strategies, this AI-powered solution is the compass that guides brands toward category-wide wins. With HIVERY Curate, growth strategies are no longer a mystery but a well-informed reality.

Ready to drive category success with AI-powered insights? Learn more about HIVERY Curate and unlock the potential of your growth strategies.

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