Letting Shoppers' Dollars Guide Assortment Strategy
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Letting Shoppers' Dollars Guide Assortment Strategy

October 28, 2023 | By HIVERY

In the dynamic world of retail, success hinges on making the right choices, and deciding what products to stock, where, and how to allocate valuable shelf space can be daunting. It's a puzzle where every piece counts, and getting it right is crucial.

Enter HIVERY Curate, the innovative retail assortment strategy simulation and optimization analytics solution. Its unique approach sets HIVERY Curate apart—it lets shoppers' dollars guide your assortment strategy.

The Power of Shopper-Centric Strategy

Traditional retail assortment planning often relied on demographic data, assumptions, and guesswork. But in today's fast-paced retail landscape, relying on historical demographics alone is no longer enough. Shoppers' preferences and behaviors change rapidly, making it essential to have a more dynamic and data-driven approach.

HIVERY Curate takes a revolutionary approach. Instead of starting from the top down, it begins at the store level, where the shoppers themselves dictate their choices with their hard-earned dollars. By analyzing shopper behavior and purchase patterns, Curate uncovers the true drivers of product success.

From Store-Specific to Cluster Analysis

HIVERY Curate starts with your store-level data. It understands that every store is unique, and what sells well in one location might perform less strongly in another. By diving deep into the specifics of each store's customer base, geography, and trends, Curate identifies opportunities that might have yet to be noticed.

But it doesn't stop there. Curate can also help you explore cluster strategies. You can optimize your assortment strategy across multiple locations by grouping similar stores based on shopper behavior rather than relying on traditional top-down criteria. This data-driven approach can uncover opportunities for growth and efficiency you never thought possible.

Answering Critical Business Questions

With HIVERY Curate, you're not just left with insights; you have the power to answer critical business questions. Wondering about the impact of adding or removing a product? Curate can provide precise predictions. Interested in understanding the potential of different strategies? Curate can simulate and quantify their effects, helping you make informed decisions.

For instance, you can explore questions like:

  • What's the optimal assortment for a specific store?
  • How can we increase revenue while keeping costs in check?
  • What if we adjust our product offerings based on shopper behavior?

Transform Your Assortment Strategy with HIVERY Curate

In a retail world filled with uncertainty, HIVERY Curate brings confidence. It's like having a crystal ball that reveals the future of your assortment strategy. By letting shoppers' dollars guide your decisions, you're no longer guessing but predicting.

Say goodbye to outdated strategies and hello to the future of retail assortment optimization. Unlock your retail success with HIVERY Curate. Get started today and discover the power of a shopper-centric assortment strategy.

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