Data has a better idea®


At HIVERY we believe there is another type of species thinking.  One that sees the world completely different to us.  One that provides logic, efficiency and endless capacity.   This thinking is data.  At HIVERY we listen to it, harness it and unlock its genius and offer its ideas to our customers.  Through artificial intelligence, operations research and human centred design frameworks, we bring data and its ideas to life. Finding better answers to old problems, giving new perspectives to established ones and challenging rather following assumptions. Data Has A Better Idea® is HIVERY’s philosophy on what data has to offer to the world.  It augments human intelligence in ways never before possible before, and through our products we allow data to have its own voice heard.

Retail Genome®


The Retail Genome® project is an effort to capture the essence of retail at the most fundamental level. It includes key retail characteristics like channel, brand, campaign, asset, equipment type, product assortment, packaging, geography, demography, etc. to make product, price and promotions recommendations that will deliver additional revenue and reduce costs. HIVERY’s Retail Genome® is incorporated across a range of best in breed solutions that deliver recommendations via intuitive, user friendly interface.

Vending Analytics

Vending Analytics uses your data and our powerful AI-driven engine to optimise the mix of product, space and price for each machine in your fleet. It factors only a few data variables to make recommendations that maximise profit.

Store Assistant Manager

Store Assistant Manager (SAM) is a category management tool in development which helps optimise space and assortment for CPG companies and retailers. HIVERY’s SAM is the only category management tool which directly links assortment optimization and planogram generation enabling retailers to manage each store’s assortment and space planning individually.

Trial Analytics

Trail Analytics is an algorithmic approach that allows sales, brand and management teams to track the results of field trials. Trial Analytics is linked to Vending Analytics and offers efficient design as well as simple implementation and reporting on real, live field market trials.

Promotional Effectiveness

Our Promotional Effectiveness (PE) application assists CPG companies in predicting the demand impact of their promotional calendar. It models several demand signals, including product catalogue, store placement, seasonality, own and cross-retailer competitor price elasticities, and generates accurate demand predictions along with a range of KPIs. Ultimately, PE will incorporate its optimisation capability to deliver implementable promotional calendar corresponding to required business KPIs.

Outlet Analytics

Outlet Analytics is a tablet/mobile friendly application that allows sales representatives to generate, save or print planograms while considering custom business rules for a range of retail outlets like convenience stores, cafes, or restaurants, all within a few clicks.

Co-create with HIVERY

Our mission at HIVERY is to “shake up organizations around the world
by transforming data into actions that drive profit.” We do this
by combining deep data science expertise with human-centered design.

We would love to collaborate with you to solve your complex business
problems. So if you have a problem, let us know.

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How does it work

At HIVERY we combine deep data science with human-centered design. We follow a three-step process to maximize the potential of your business.


Unpack business needs, data availability and success metrics


Co-design small experiments to validate system value


Map out the operational plan for full deployment and support