Optimises Retail Stores

Using AI to Maximize Returns From Stores at Outlet Level

HIVERY Curate is a category management tool which leverages artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to helps optimize space and assortment for CPG companies and retailers. HIVERY Curate product combines assortment optimization and planogram generation so retailers can manage each store individually.

Store Specific

Prescriptive analytics for category management is here


HIVERY Curate assortment uses artificial intelligence techniques for creating sales projections. It is an interactive assortment strategy tool that allows buyers and category captains run various assortment scenarios and directly see the impact of their decisions in real-time. HIVERY Curate space optimisation uses high-performance cloud computing to optimize planograms for each store, taking into account merchandising rules and finding the best possible balance between efficiency and aesthetics. Tight integration with HIVERY Curate assortment ensures the perfect assortment is chosen for each store. Draw high-quality localized (store specific) POGs for thousands of stores in hours, not days/weeks.


Flexible and easily specified hard merchandising rules and soft aesthetic goals are readily handled by the HIVERY Curate’s Space Optimization. Quickly generate planograms to check the impact of your rules and iterate on the aesthetics of your planograms.


Category managers deserve a friendly and easy-to-use category management tool. All HIVERY products follow the principles of human-centered design. We design and build our products to ensure that users will enjoy using them with minimal training. HIVERY Curate allows retailers to manage each store individually and use customer data to drive better decisions IT can help retailers move from a static (once or twice a year) category management process to one that is more dynamic. HIVERY Curate is a smart AI-driven category management application that is able to learn from past data to deliver a localized assortment at the SKU/Store specific level and draw thousands of optimized planograms.