Podcast: Top 5 Pain Points Merchants and Category Managers Face & How to Quickly Solve with Curate AI

February 08, 2023 | By Chadd Murphy and Lance Lockwood

With a growing list of SKUs, limited shelf space, different store characteristics, constraints, and current supply chain challenges, Merchants and Category Managers are increasingly under pressure to get assortment and planograms right and deliver them quickly.

HIVERY is working with the top 25 to 50 CPG brands and in over 100 retail categories - all this and in just a few years.  So, it is safe to say we have learned much over the years working with some amazing companies.   This webinar will review the top 5 pain points we always see and how HIVERY Curate's AI offering has solved them in minutes. 

Hear from Chadd Murphy, Analytic Consultant, and Lance Lockwood, Category Analyst with HIVERY, along with Jackie Lewis, VP of Content and Member Engagement from CMA | SIMA; as they work us through those Top 5 Pain Points faced by Merchants and Category Managers Face and learn how AI (and HIVERY Curate) can solve them quickly.

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