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IDC InfoBrief on Next-Gen Merchandising Solutions: New approaches to meet the coming challenges of retail

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International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services. They examine consumer markets by devices and applications to help guide decision-makers when making investments in technology.

IDC’s respected InfoBriefs series examines how the latest disruptive technologies are fueling revolutions in specific industries.

With 65% of retailers now saying AI is essential for merchandise analytics and 54% of them citing that improving ecosystem collaboration with suppliers is a top priority, IDC is seeing the emergence of Next Generations (“Next-Gen”) merchandising solutions.

Next-Gen Merchandising Solutions: New approaches to meet the coming challenges of retail

IDC InfoBrief covers the following key section:

  • Assessment of today's merchandising challenges and the function of category management is increasingly under pressure
  • Growing Importance of Retail and CPG Collaboration
  • The new role of AI as a component of Next-Gen merchandising solutions
  • The trend from automation to augmentation: Why intent matters
  • How Next-Gen merchandising tools augment strategic decisions
  • Capabilities of Next-Gen solutions you need to consider
  • Evolution of merchandising optimization

You will learn

  • As research by IDC, you will learn where the category management industry is heading
  • How AI will transition from a back-office tool once focused on planning, automation and optimization to one focused on augmenting strategic decision
  • How companies can improve decision-making, reduce reliance on specialized "technical" expertise by allowing AI to bridge the gap between strategic recommendations and operational execution
  • And lastly, IDC offers some essential guidance on how to get started today

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IDC explores Next-Gen merchandising solutions for retail

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HIVERY was founded on the vision that Data Has A Better Idea - and we’re working together with our clients to uncover its full potential.

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