Podcast: Simulating Merchandising Decisions with AI - Deliver Relevant, Store-Specific SKU Selections with Progressive Grocer

December 02, 2022 | By Scott Anderson and Dirk Herdes

One of the biggest value drivers for retailers is rapidly deciding and delivering store-specific SKU selection, space allocation, and planograms at scale. However, the industry continues to struggle with harnessing diverse datasets and AI-driven analytics to unlock this opportunity.  

Today's retailers have a tremendous opportunity to create a competitive advantage by delivering locally relevant and effectively merchandised shelves with new AI approaches with simple interfaces. Fueling improved financial performance while simultaneously driving significant internal operational efficiencies.  

Join Scott Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, along with Dirk Herdes, VP of Retail, at HIVERY, along with Lynn Petrak,the Senior Editor at Progressive Grocer walkthrough:

  • How grocers can quantify the financial outcome of any assortment decisions and rapidly execute the best merchandising strategy at the store-level.
  • Why merchandising teams, category management, and shopper insight professionals no longer need to rely on data science teams to deliver optimal store-specific SKU selections and planograms?
  • Real examples of hyper-local retail strategies simulated by new approaches AI to support rapid merchandising decisions and execution.

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