Simulating new item success from innovation to execution at retail shelf with Scott Anderson and Zach Simpson

July 18, 2022 | By Scott Anderson and Zach Simpson

Designed for front-line users in sales, marketing, and category management, in this podcast you will learn how Machine Learning (ML) and Operations Research (OR) models are being used to augment traditional tasks from category strategy to planogram creation - all in minutes, not months.

Scott and Zach share some of the best practices on how CPG manufacturers are leveraging next-generation ML and OR models to:

• Simulate where new items will earn distribution in retailers down to the store level;
• Maximize revenue by optimizing your brand portfolio at the store level to create space for new innovation and high performing items;
• Quantify the success of existing brands and new items.

Presented by Scott Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, and Zach Simpson, Customer Success Director, at HIVERY.

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