Using AI to simulate the impact of human judgement with Heather Martin and Jackie Wightman

May 17, 2022 | By Heather Martin and Jackie Wightman

To fully leverage the value contained in data, CPG companies and retailers need to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning (ML), into their retail planning and execution processes. We need to transition from a data-driven world to an AI-driven world. A world that can help us augment human judgment as simply as Google Maps does today. 

With the proliferation of AI/ML capabilities in our business and lives, we are now able to get closer to understanding the impact of every decision before making that decision. In this fascinating webinar, HIVERY will explore how AI/ML is being used to simulate the impact of human judgment both in our industry and beyond. 

In this podcast you will learn how AI/ML: 

  1. Is used to augment and qualify human decisions 
  2. Can find the right balance of risk and reward for different retail growth strategies; all at store-level 
  3. Can rapidly and iteratively simulate different strategies to achieve your growth plans 

Presented by Heather Martin, Vice President of Sales at HIVERY, and Jackie Wightman, Sales Director at HIVERY

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