So, why HIVERY? We are just different.

It's our expertise in data science and our innovative heritage from renowned CSIRO's Data61. CSIRO is Australia's national science agency who also invented Wi-Fi technologies and helped NASA reach the Moon, sending TV images to 600 million people around the world.

It's our access to powerful insights into complex business problems from global organizations like The Coca-Cola Company and their hundreds of business partners, along with the way we solve problems via a human-centred approach.

These have all given birth to our technology platform and suite of solutions you see today. They have sharpened our expertise and have resulted in the cutting-edge technology that we provide our clients.

Most of all, it's what these solutions do for you and the power of possibilities.

We believe that Data has a better idea™

Data has a better idea™ and at HIVERY, we listen to data, harness it and unlock its genius.

In fact, Data has a better idea™ is our philosophy. We believe it has its own voice, its own ideas to help us make better decisions.

At HIVERY we unlock data insights by putting it through our proprietary machine learning and applied mathematics algorithms that were co-developed and acquired from Australia's national science agency - CSIRO's Data61. These advanced algorithms provide logic, efficiency and endless capacity, augmenting human intelligence with increased sagacity.

This has led HIVERY to be a pioneer of next-generation assortment strategy simulation & optimization technologies powered by the single belief that Data has a better idea™

We are applying the power of Data has a better idea™ and our algorithms to the retail and consumer packaged goods industries but this is just the start.

Data has a better idea®


HIVERY was the first, and is still the only organization to harness the power of three disciplines for the betterment of our clients:

  1. Artificial intelligence - specifically machine learning. These algorithms use specialised statistics models to find patterns in massive amounts of data.
  2. Operations research - a branch of applied mathematics that is concerned with applying analytical methods to help make better management decisions.
  3. Design thinking - an innovative method of solving complex or “wicked” problems from a human-centred perspective. This allows us to challenge old retail norms and industry dogma, and reframe the problem so it can be solved.

These three elements, along with our methodology, gives customers a competitive advantage like never before. It’s why we have grown so fast and why we have received many awards along the way.

So, if you want to reduce costs and restock trips to your vending machines, optimize planograms for your stores or build promotional calendars that supercharge your profits - and do it in ways you never believed could be done - you should talk to HIVERY.

Data Science Expertise

We challenge industry dogma with science

With HIVERY, you get the comfort of knowing we are backed and supported by the world-leading data re...
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Retail Science Expertise

We answer old problems with new methods

Having close links to some of the largest CPGs (such as The Coca-Cola Company) and retailers (like W...
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Our Approach

Discovery, experiment, deployment

A methodology that works

We developed a simple approach to solving complex problems, employed it to build our business, and now you can use it to build yours. It’s a combination of ideas borrowed from a variety of disciplines, all focussed around the concept of human-centered design.

And it works incredibly well.



This is where we determine the business problem or opportunity, discover what data is available and determine what business goals need to be reached. The problem here can be casting the net too wide, and getting carried away with the possibilities.

Discipline: Design thinking

Key output: Goal clarity



Now we assess whether machine learning or operations research (or both) is needed to be used to solve the problem, and then we co-design and train our models to run a series of live experiments to validate the system value to our clients. We essentially help prepare the business case.

Discipline: Data Mining & CRISP-DM

Key output: Minimal viable model



Finally, we build a prototype and progressively learn as we go. This involves a lot of testing and refining before we map out the operational plan for full deployment and support.

Discipline: Agile methodology

Key output: Minimal viable product

The proof of concept

Using this exact methodology, we created 3 viable products in less than 3 years. These products are recognized world firsts, and we’ve been named as one of the most innovative companies in Australia including receiving several awards.

3 years
3 viable products
3 world firsts
3 offices


The Retail Genome®

The Retail Genome® project is an effort to capture the essence of retail at the most fundamental level. It includes key retail characteristics like channel, brand, campaign, asset, equipment type, product assortment, packaging, geography, demography, and more, to make product, price and promotions recommendations that will deliver additional revenue and reduce costs.

HIVERY’s Retail Genome® is incorporated across a range of best in breed solutions that deliver recommendations via an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Hyperlocal retailing

The future of retail

Hard work, design thinking, artificial intelligence, and genuine human intelligence, together with the principles of profit and years' worth of discovery, experimentation, and deployment - have all led up to what we can safely say is the creation of a new category in advanced retail analytics.

We call it Hyperlocal retailing.

Detecting market changes, accurately forecasting demand, and evaluating demand/supply scenarios with a growing list of complex merchandising rules and constraints is impossible with today's slow and siloed planning methods and capabilities.  This impacts your decisions at the speed and scale that you need. With HIVERY, know the financial impact of any assortment and space decision and automatically generate the best planograms for your shelves.

Hyper-local retailing is the rapid simultaneous localization and optimization of product mix, space, promotion, and price at the store level. We help FMCGs, CPGs and retailers prevail with a competitive edge in an era of big data, complex merchandising rules, and AI. We generate a return on physical retail space investment.

HIVERY is an organization with a genuine claim to hyper-local retailing capabilities that can help clients enhance, curate, and promote their existing systems today and well into the future - this is why we intentionally called our products: enhance, curate, and promote


What does this all mean?

Our efforts are being recognised, both locally and globally. We don’t do this for the awards, but it’s appreciated that our achievements are recognised.

Forbes Asia 100 To Watch
CB Insights Retail Tech Top 100 2022


Clearly, there is so much to talk about when it comes to HIVERY, advanced retail analytics, machine learning solutions for retailers and CPGs, and retail optimization. But let us show you our solutions in action with demos and case studies.

Contact us today to schedule an online walkthrough and let's start a conversation.