So, why HIVERY? We are just different.

HIVERY is a pioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization solutions. Our primary goal is to assist both retailers and consumer package goods (CPG) manufacturers adopt a dynamic approach to assortment planning, optimization, and category resets. By doing so, we enable them to respond to shopper trends and insights more quickly while also reducing food waste.

We firmly believe that Data Has A Better Idea™, and we leverage store-level shopper data to present this idea. Shoppers vote with their wallets in stores, and we make this visible to retailers and CPG manufacturers. This enables them to make decisions and deliver locally relevant, effectively merchandised, and operationally efficient plans with retailer-supplier transparency and collaboration at scale. With AI as your co-pilot, you can enhance your decision-making by qualifying any category strategy and iterating faster.

Our proprietary machine learning and applied mathematics algorithms were developed in collaboration with CSIRO's Data61, Australia's national science agency.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the world's top 100 Retail Tech companies by CB Insights and named to FastCompany's list of the World's Most Innovative companies. These accolades reflect our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive results for our clients.

Data has a better idea™

We believe that Data has a better idea™

At HIVERY, we believe that data has a voice and ideas that can help us make better decisions. That's why we listen to it and harness its genius through our proprietary machine learning and applied mathematics algorithms, co-developed and acquired from Australia's national science agency - CSIRO's Data61. Our advanced algorithms provide logic, efficiency, and endless capacity, augmenting human intelligence with increased sagacity. As a pioneer of next-generation assortment strategy simulation and optimization technologies, we are committed to applying the power of data to the retail and consumer packaged goods industries. Our philosophy is simple: Data has a better idea™. And we are just getting started.

Data has a better idea®

Retail, Data Science & Technology

HIVERY is a retail-focused data science company that employs cutting-edge AI/machine learning and operations research techniques to develop innovative solutions for hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation and optimization.

Data Science Expertise

We challenge industry dogma with science

With HIVERY, you get the comfort of knowing we are backed and supported by the world-leading data re...
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Retail Science Expertise

We answer old problems with new methods

Having close links to some of the largest CPGs (such as The Coca-Cola Company) and retailers (like W...
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Our Approach

Discovery, pilot, deployment

A methodology that works

We developed a simple approach to solving complex problems, employed it to build our business, and now you can use it to build yours. It’s a combination of ideas borrowed from a variety of disciplines, all focussed around the concept of human-centered design.

And it works incredibly well.



In the discovery phase, we thoroughly analyze the business objectives, challenges, and opportunities, along with the available data, to identify the crucial objectives that will lead to success.



Our team collaborates to create and train models that undergo live experiments to confirm their value for our clients. Our primary goal is to assist in the preparation of a solid business case for scaling operations.



We aim to seamlessly integrate our technology into your everyday business operations. Our team will formulate a comprehensive operational plan for full deployment, providing continuous support throughout the process. To ensure continuous improvement and alignment with your business goals, we conduct quarterly reviews and adjustments.

Hyperlocal retailing

The future of retail is about extracting insights from the store-local.

Tailoring product offerings to individual stores' unique needs and preferences is the philosophy behind hyper-local retailing. This approach utilizes store-level data, such as sales, product information, and store attributes, to gain precise insights. By providing a better product assortment that aligns with their customers' shopping needs and preferences, retailers and supplier partners can improve the shopping experience for their shoppers and increase shopper satisfaction. We have proven this approach in over 100 categories and retail combinations. It ensures that the right products are available in the right stores, regardless of the number of clusters a company operates within.

Hyper-local retailing means getting closer to consumers and increasing sales as a result. Shoppers vote with their dollars every day in the store, and we're constantly adjusting the menu to serve up what they want to buy. Essentially, hyper-local retailing is about understanding the local market and using that knowledge to meet customer needs.


What does this all mean?

There's a certain sense of gratification that comes from seeing our efforts recognized both close to home and on a worldwide scale. While we don't necessarily seek out acknowledgment, it's comforting to be reminded that our successes haven't gone unnoticed.

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