How AI Will Fuel Next-Gen Merchandising Decision Support Systems

How AI-Driven Assortment Simulation Will Change Assortment Planning

January 06, 2022 | By HIVERY

How have the best assortment planning practices evolved? What skills should category analysts and shopper insight professionals learn how to embrace the new wave in CatMan 3.0? How is AI shaping the future of category management?

Discover how the Category Management Association (CMA) is seeing CatMan 3.0 will change every retailer’s approach to assortment planning and then download this guide to learn how AI (artificial intelligence) will transfer how decisions around assortment and space planning will be made in the future.

Information in this piece is adapted from a podcast interview with Steven Soderlund, first featured on the Retail Maverick podcast. Soderlund is a CMA board adviser and analytical consultant for major retailers. 

You will learn

  • Category Management 3.0: How Category Management Has Evolved?
  • How the Pandemic Upends Customer Purchasing Habits and Prediction Models
  • How AI changes SKU Innovation, Big Data Change Demand Forecasting
  • What’s the Best New Approach to Assortment Planning?
  • How do AI and ML Solutions Make a Difference in Assortment planning and resets
  • Can Machine Learning Predict New Product Development Before Data Exists?
  • What AI-Driven Data Analysis Means For Human Creativity: CatMan 3.0

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