Assortment Planning With AI

January 04, 2022 | By HIVERY

With unpredictable markets, keeping inventory stocked has become more complex than ever. The pandemic has highlighted how traditional retail planning is not good enough. Retailers need a better approach and method to succeed in such a market. Store-level data analysis using AI or specifically new methods in Machine Learning algorithms can today power advanced analytics, providing comprehensive analyses of store-specific shopper behavior at the push of a button.

HIVERY Curate is an AI offering that leverages store-level data on the onset. Being store-level, you can assess and compare the predicted impact of each assortment strategy scenario according to a range of metrics:

  • Sales volume (movement)
  • Revenue
  • Number of PODs/Planograms
  • Days of Supply
  • Total Distribution Points (TDP)
  • Control POD presence to Managing DC slotting.

This guide will also cover:

  • Product availability, AI, and assortment planning
  • How AI can be applied to omnichannel assortment planning
  • AI simulation and strategy rapid creation

Breaking free from supply chain disruptions is possible with these tools.

Download this guide on Assortment Planning & Strategy with AI to learn more.

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