Retail Genome


The Retail Genome™ project is an effort to capture the essence of retail at the most fundamental level. It includes key retail characteristics like channel, brand, campaign, asset, equipment type, product assortment, packaging, geography, demography, etc. to make product, price and promotions recommendations that will deliver additional revenue. The Retail Genome™ is HIVERY’s attempt to bring a new level of recommendations. It is being applied in new breed of solutions:

Smarter Planograms

HIVERY uses Artificial Intelligence and mathematical optimization techniques to create fingerprint planogram recommendations for retail outlets. Our Artificial Intelligence-driven planograms maximize volume while eliminating human bias inherent in traditional human-designed planograms.

Smarter Promotional Campaigns

HIVERY uses Artificial Intelligence built into its Retail Genome to detect current time series patterns and recommend campaigns involving right pricing deals, product bundles and promotional media. This ensures your campaigns stay ahead of the retailers’ bugbear-promotional fatigue!

Smarter Shelf Optimization

Combines Artificial Intelligence with Operations Research to optimize shelf space and provide fingerprint recommendations in ways not possible with current solutions.

Co-create with HIVERY

Our mission at HIVERY is to “shake up organizations around the world
by transforming data into actions that drive profit.” We do this
by combining deep data science expertise with human-centered design.

We would love to collaborate with you to solve your complex business
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How does it work

At HIVERY we combine deep data science with human-centered design. We follow a three-step process to maximize the potential of your business.


Unpack business needs, data availability and success metrics


Co-design small experiments to validate system value


Map out the operational plan for full deployment and support