Tailoring Convenience Through AI

AI-Powered Assortment Planning for Convenience Retailers

Planogram Interaction With AI

Maximize Space, Maximize Relevance

Discover how HIVERY Curate brings a new dimension to assortment planning for convenience retailers. By integrating hyper-local, AI-generated insights into your planograms, you can ensure that every product on your shelves is aligned with community preferences and store-specific dynamics.

With Curate’s advanced machine-learning models, you have the ability to simulate and visualize the impact of your merchandising decisions in real time. Learn how to balance SKU rationalization with the desire for variety, keeping churn to a minimum while maximizing sales potential.

Adapt swiftly to market changes, understand demand transfer across categories, and anticipate the implications of new item introductions with unprecedented precision. HIVERY Curate empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions that not only enhance profitability but also foster a deeper connection with your customers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of convenience retailing, HIVERY Curate is your strategic partner in creating stores that are not just places to shop, but destinations that reflect and serve the community's needs.


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HIVERY is apioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization solutions. HIVERY Curate, HIVERY's flagship offering, leverages machine learning models and store-level data to assess strategies based on real-world limitations, empowering businesses to identify and seize growth opportunities with complete transparency.

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