How AI goes about simulating the impact of items being carried in store?

May 12, 2021 | By Coresight

The age of precision category management is upon us. Effective assortment and space localization can be a very challenging task for CPG companies and retailers, but if done right with the right methods, the incremental value generated is significant. Whether they are using a cluster approach or not, the ability for retailers and CPG companies to leverage store-level data in new ways opens up new opportunities to have the right product assortment to meet shopper demand across any store.

You can watch the full recorded session with Deborah WeinswigCEO & Founder of Coresight Research, with HIVERY’s VP, Client Services, NASteve Weir, and Director of Customer Success, Zach Simpson, in which they discussed the significant incremental value to retailers and CPG companies in optimizing assortment at the store level using advanced technologies in machine learning (ML) and data science (DS).

In this on-demand mini-webinar, we cut to the question:

On-demand mini-webinar: How machine learning and applied mathematics is used to discovery potential items to add to specific stores

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