David Kenney

David Kenney on business scaling, the importance of mentorship and how it all relates to HIVERY

June 10, 2020 | By David Kenney

Meet David Kenney:

David Kenney, Partner at Hall Chadwick, is one of Australia’s most reputable and capable strategic business advisors. David’s wealth of experience spanning many critical disciplines of business management and growth has equipped him with the stand-out capability to significantly impact Australia’s start-up as well as mature business owners. In this podcast, he shares some important business advice and gives just a taste of his up and coming new book.

What do comedian Eddie Murphy and David Kenney have in common? Check out this episode of Retail Mavericks podcast to find out.

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

• What makes a mentor? More importantly, what makes a good mentor? Hint: Better questions and encouraging “third-level” thinking.

• What makes a good mentee and what did David really think of HIVERY founders in his initial chats? What makes HIVERY different given David has 20,000+ conversations in his career?

• David talks about an important step in scaling up a business: building the team and why a collaborative approach with brutal honesty is essential for effective long-term relationships.

• How a “flywheel of feedback”, while powerful, can only be achieved through one thing. Find out what that one thing is and how just 5 words can make you think differently.

• Finally, David shares a few important tips for business owners to consider.

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