Meeting Shopper Demand with Localized Assortment Optimization  

July 26, 2021 | By Sourcing Journal

There’s an old adage: You get what you get, and you don’t get upset. Clearly, that doesn’t apply to retail. For some time now, the axiom has been customers want what they want, when they want it. And COVID-19 didn’t seem to change that. Apparel shoppers want choices, and they want the stores and clothes to reflect their local tastes and demands.

Coresight Research says the pandemic “accelerated consumer disinterest in homogeneous physical retail experiences.” Instead, shoppers are seeking experiences that are local, distinctive and diverse. The firm advises retailers consider localizing in-store experiences and product offerings. Coresight adds that mall owners can support its tenants with localized center experiences. They good at adding datasets but lack the ability to model based on goals and constraints - this is HUGHE difference....Read More

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