Achieving Category Success - Four Ways AI Can Assist Category Advisers.

Achieving Category Success: Four Ways AI Can Assist Category Advisers.

August 23, 2023 | By HIVERY

As a seasoned category advisor, your role bridges the gap between CPG brands and retailers, aiming to strike the perfect balance between maximizing your brand's growth and aligning with retailer goals. But this task can feel like a tightrope in a landscape filled with fluctuating trends, evolving shopper preferences, and competitive pressures.

AI can be your ultimate co-pilot in the world of category management. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and store-level data, HIVERY Curate revolutionizes how you strategize and optimize your assortment. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional shopper panels and customer research data-laden with biases and inaccuracies.

Here are four (4) ways AI can help category advisers:

1. AI-Powered Insights for Unbiased Decisions:

Traditional methods often prey on recency bias, omission bias, and the "say-do" gap. With HIVERY Curate, AI is your partner, providing data-driven insights untainted by human subjectivity. Whether you're looking to reduce SKUs or introduce innovations, Curate's AI engine ensures objectivity and accuracy in your decisions. You can learn more about this in this 30-minute Webinar - Stated Behavior vs. Actual Behavior: How AI Can Bridge the Gap

2. Store-Level Precision for Unparalleled Results

No more relying on broad averages or limited samples. AI empowers you with store-level data, allowing you to understand local variations, shopper behaviors, and performance nuances. This level of granularity equips you to make decisions that genuinely resonate with each store's unique dynamics.

3. Transparency and Speed for Effective Collaboration:

Collaboration between CPG brands and retailers just got smoother. With Curate's insights, you can confidently present recommendations backed by transparent data and clear visualizations. Gone are the days of speculation and guesswork – now you can engage in productive discussions based on robust insights. You can read more about this here: Transformative Role of AI in Supplier-Retailer Collaboration

4. A Win-Win-Win for All Stakeholders:

AI tools like HIVERY Curate can transform your role into a strategic powerhouse, ensuring your brand's success while driving retailer growth. By optimizing assortments efficiently, you're pleasing stakeholders enhancing the shopper experience, and meeting their evolving needs.

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