Predicts new product performance for better decision-making

Use HIVERY Curate as your AI co-pilot to make better innovation distribution decisions. Gain insights from the bottom up to each store's unique demand and space.

New Product Performance Prediction with HIVERY Curate:

Design & Test New Item Innovation Strategies

HIVERY Curate empowers you to make data-backed decisions in discovering your ideal assortment plans.

Tackle Uncertainty Head-On: Launch new products with confidence. HIVERY Curate eliminates the guesswork in forecasting new product performance. Leveraging advanced AI, we transform market trends and consumer behaviors into reliable predictions, even without historical sales data.

Master Optimal Placement: Secure prime real estate for every new item. HIVERY Curate’s predictive analytics guide you in placing new products in the most visible and profitable store locations, ensuring maximum impact immediately.

Safeguard Your Assortment:
Introducing new products shouldn’t mean risking your current lineup. Our demand transfer analysis reveals the real impact of new additions on existing items, preserving your category's integrity and performance.

Optimize Shelf Space Allocation: Make every inch count. HIVERY Curate helps you balance introducing new products with the need for optimal shelf arrangement, ensuring a harmonious and profitable product mix in every aisle.


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HIVERY is apioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization solutions. HIVERY Curate, HIVERY's flagship offering, leverages machine learning models and store-level data to assess strategies based on real-world limitations, empowering businesses to identify and seize growth opportunities with complete transparency.

Awards for assortment optimization & strategy scenario for category management

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