Assortment Insights at Every Level With Your Data

Rapid modeling and assortment-optimized strategies. Experience Curate for yourself.

HIVERY Curate. Easily validate & optimize your ideal assortment strategies
Assortment Strategies With Your Data

Interact with your data in ways that were previously impossible

Maximize retail efficiency with the predictive power of HIVERY Curate, where advanced algorithms meet your most granular retail data.

By intricately analyzing Sales Data, Product & Store Attributes, Space or Distribution Data, and Consumer Decision Trees, Curate uncovers insights to drive better assortment decisions.

Our AI engine are finely tuned to detect latent shopper insights and project store/item performance with remarkable precision that you can action in market.

Curate's output is not just information—it's a roadmap to actionable retail optimization with store/item predictions, informed add/delete decisions, and exportable planograms, ensuring every shelf and every product is optimized for performance.

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HIVERY is apioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization solutions. HIVERY Curate, HIVERY's flagship offering, leverages machine learning models and store-level data to assess strategies based on real-world limitations, empowering businesses to identify and seize growth opportunities with complete transparency.

Awards for assortment optimization & strategy scenario for category management

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