HIVERY @ NACS Show 2023

Atlanta | Georgia World Congress Center | Oct 3-6 | Booth B4319

Join us at the NACS Show 2023 in Atlanta, where we'll be showcasing our pioneering AI-powered store-level retail analytics.

Experience how HIVERY Curate can develop your retail merchandise strategy at the store level. Ask strategic questions, run rapid simulations, and optimize your store's space and assortments to cater to local shoppers' unique needs. Local matters.

Visit us at booth B4319 in the New Exhibitor - Technology section.

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Artificial Intelligence for optimizing & simulating portfolio, assortment, and space at-shelf strategies

HIVERY Curate allows you to make more effective decisions that matter to you, your shoppers, and suppliers.

  • Where is the best ROI of localization vs. operational execution?
  • What is the opportunity to re-optimize my current assortment?
  • What is the optimization opportunity of clusters vs. store-specific?
  • Which stores will new item innovation perform best to drive category growth?

Meet some of our HIVERIANS at NACS

Heather Martin

Vice President of Sales

John Pracht

Sales Director

Tijuana "Tee" Monetude

Tijuana "Tee" Monetude, Enterprise Sales Director

Enterprise Sales Director

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