Going to CMA's 2024 Annual Conference? Here is what you need to know...

Trailblazing Retail's Bold Future | Feb 26 - Feb 28 | Dallas

Attend: HIVERY is excited to be the premier sponsor of the 2024 Annual Category Management & Shopper Insights Conference and is hosting an Emerging Technology Session with Clorox.

Discover: Test drive the revolutionary AI-driven assortment strategy solution, HIVERY Curate, at booth 305.

Exclusive: Join us for an elegant evening at HIVERY's Cocktail Party. Engage in insightful conversations with industry leaders in the luxurious Presidential Suite of the Hyatt Regency Dallas on February 26th. To RSVP, please speak with one of our sales team members or send us an email at marketing@hivery.com.

HIVERY is a proud premier sponsor  the 2023 CMA Annual Conference
Join Our Live Emerging Technology Session With The Clorox Company

Retailer-specific Assortment Strategies at Scale

How did Clorox use AI to improve their retailer relationships and discover new growth opportunities?

During the Emerging Technology Session, attendees will discover how Clorox utilized AI technology by partnering with HIVERY to improve their relationships with retailers and boost growth. The session will delve into using advanced AI algorithms to simulate assortment strategies, which can deliver significant financial, operational, and strategic value. Participants will learn how AI simulations led to customized assortment optimization, which fuelled category growth and portfolio strategy.

Key takeaways from Clorox's experience will be highlighted, including the significance of retailers' specific strategies and the impact of new products on revenue and volume growth. Furthermore, the session will explore how AI can facilitate efficient scenario planning and decision-making in retail.


Monday, February, 26th


2:40 PM - 3:10 PM



Retailer-specific Assortment Strategies at Scale
Customer Story - Boosting Revenue by $32M: Uncovering Shopper Habits through Store-Level Assortment Analysis
Customer Story

Simulate your business strategies at-shelf and predict the impact

Visit our booth and experience how HIVERY Curate allows you to make more effective decisions that matter to you, your shoppers, and your suppliers.

  • Where is the best ROI of localization vs. operational execution?
  • What is the opportunity to re-optimize my current assortment?
  • What is the optimization opportunity of clusters vs. store-specific?
  • Which stores will new item innovation perform best to drive category growth?

Learn more, download one of our latest customer stories.

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