We are restlessly advancing category management

We are helping our customers unlock the power of artificial intelligence in category management by augmenting their efforts, providing new unseen insights, generating store-specific recommendations and providing rapid category simulation.

Book I recommend

Management book on leveraging AI in your organization

HBR Press released a booked entitled: Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, the book explored over 1,500 companies and discovered that the biggest performance improvements came when organizations focused on human/machine collaboration. This is what HIVERY and HIVERY Curate is doing exactly. We augment retailers, supermarket & grocery thinking on micro space planning powered by AI. In fact we are pioneering of Hyperlocal retailing.

This is definitely book a recommend and if you want a copy, let me know I see what I can do!

Lead category management transformation

With HIVERY Curate, its simple: its your data + our AI = true store-level assortment & space recommendations


Flora Delaney on seven timeless retail principles and latest changes in category management

Flora Delaney, a Senior Executive with 25+ years experience in the Retail, Marketing, Consumer Research and Information Services industries and author of RETAIL The Second-Oldest Profession. In this podcast, Flora shares her deep experience in Category Management, Productivity and Merchandising, and the future of retailing including AI and supply chain changes.

Industry research and insight

Forrester Research: AI In retail needs to start at the backend with smart automation

According to Forrester Research, retailers & CPGs should focus on backend operations and augment decision making with smart analytics to frequently asked questions.

Gartner Research: Emerging trends in retail and how artificial intelligence is accelerating this

Retail CIOs can leverage artificial intelligence to capture deeper insights, anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver across every touchpoint.

Future of Category Management: New capabilities needed to remain indispensable

We often hear that the future of Consumer Packaged Goods and retail sectors begins with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but how exactly can AI shift category management.

Podcast: The Supermarket Guru® on trends & changes in supermarket

Phil Lempert, also known as the Supermarket Guru, is an expert analyst on consumer behavior and the changing retail landscape for more than 25 years, shares his thoughts. 

Podcast: Shifts in category management and how AI is being used and more

Among many topics, Zach explores the "snowflake" effect of product categories and space; how each store is so different (as a snowflake), yet when it comes to space assortment, the retail industry continues treating each store and their SKU supply the same.

Podcast: Science of retail optimization & methods we use

Mark Lawrenson

Mark Lawrenson has graduated with honours in mathematical applications and was previously a researcher at CSIRO/Data61. In this podcast he explains the science of optimization methods; the science of finding the best alternatives from many alternatives and impact to retail.

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Novel approach to transferable demand

We have been at the leading edge of category management technology for few years now. We help some of the world’s biggest manufacturers predict how shopper demand will transfer when products are added to or deleted from a store’s shelf. The key is deciphering a store’s unique purchase behavior.

Borrowing ideas from deep learning method, HIVERY is able to generate data from random noise (i.e. random numbers) to infer incrementality and demand transferability. It's the world’s first AI driven cannibalization model, and it drives Hivery's assortment recommendations.

About me

Steve Weir

VP Client Services at HIVERY


With 20+ years of leadership experience in category management and shopper research, Steve Weir has held diverse roles at world-leading CPG companies including The Coca-Cola Company, ConAgra Foods, and Kraft Foods.  Steve operates with integrity and believes that facts and observations mixed with business intuition are the best path to mutual growth.  As VP of Client Services at HIVERY, Steve's goal is to build a client-centric, high-performing team which naturally leads to exceeding client expectations