Vending machine technology

What is vending machine technology?

Vending machines have provided product delivery technology with several advancements over the years. A range of Vending Management Software (VMS) solutions has improved performance, particularly as fleets have grown and this has facilitated vending machine management. The latest vending machine technology adds a layer above that, using AI to enhance the effectiveness of your existing VMS and all the data it has accumulated. AI can find new patterns and relationships in your existing VMS datasets to provide you with smart assortments and space recommendations at an individual machine level.

What are the benefits of getting your vending machine technology right?

Vending machines are everywhere, with an estimated 5 million in Japan and about 4.6 million in the US. However, despite increased competition from online services like UberEats, Grab and Amazon Go, vending machines retain the ultimate advantage of proximity. The benefit of leveraging the latest AI technology enables you to maximize that advantage, resulting in increased sales and revenue, and a reduction in costs.

How do you do that?

To grow your vending machine profit and leverage your VMS data better, you need to get the right products (assortment) in the right place (space to sell). Too often, these are treated as separate efforts, resulting in dissatisfied vending machine consumers and suboptimal results. You need to look at your vending data in a different way. With a sizable fleet, you should invest in a good VMS and use HIVERY Enhance to take advantage of your investment by applying artificial intelligence to optimize your vending fleet at an individual vending machine level.

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HIVERY Enhance

AI-powered assortment optimization for vending machines