Customer Story - Boosting Revenue by $32M: Uncovering Store-Level Shopper Habits
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Customer Story - Boosting Revenue by $32M: Uncovering Store-Level Shopper Habits

October 28, 2023 | By HIVERY

A well-known company that produces and sells protein-rich products teamed up with HIVERY's advanced AI models to improve its internal capabilities and speed up its operations. In 2022, the company partnered with HIVERY to strengthen its relationship with retailers by utilizing HIVERY Curate, an AI-powered assortment optimization and simulation analytics tool. This story highlights the positive results of using behavior-based hierarchies, known as "store-level data," in hyperlocal retailing to optimize product assortment at a popular mass retailer.

The pandemic has caused a shift in people's breakfast consumption habits, increasing protein consumption at home during breakfast. Our client noticed this trend and wanted to explore the potential of emphasizing the protein sub-category in their frozen breakfast offerings at a mass retailer. However, they teamed up with HIVERY to leverage store-level data and gather shopper insights to validate this assumption and consider existing merchandising constraints and space availability.

Thanks to AI, everyday shoppers could express their preferences and contribute to more informed strategic decision-making by our clients.

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