Zach Simpson on shifts in category management, artificial intelligence and making career changes

November 19, 2020 | By Zach Simpson

Meet Zach Simpson:

With 20+ years of retail experience, Zach Simpson is the Director of Customer Success and Sales at HIVERY and the Founder of Relevance Retail, an innovative service and strategy platform simplifying the omni-channel commerce evolution for suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and technology service providers.

What you will learn from this podcast:
• Zach's career journey from baseball to Walmart to his own company and HIVERY. Zach shares his insights into the lack of advancement of retail technology during this journey in category management.

• Zach explores the "snowflake" effect of product categories and space; how each store is so different (as a snowflake), yet when it comes to space assortment, the retail industry continues treating each store and their SKU supply the same.

• Why Zach, after over 11 years at Walmart with titles like Frozen Food Senior Buyer, Merchandising Director, and VP of Beverages Merchandising decided to "jump ship" to HIVERY, a young AI startup?

• Zach provides a sneak preview of product innovation at HIVERY; and how customers play a critical role in this process.

•. Zach dives into key problem sets faced by a wide retail segment from wholesale networks to traditional grocery stores in space, assortment, and category scenario planning.

• Lastly, Zach gives career advice and shares his insights into personal and professional development, innovating from within and facilitating change.

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