Podcast - Tyson Foods' AI-Driven Journey to Innovation & Brand Protection at Target Stores

April 11, 2023 | By Retail Mavericks
Discover how Tyson Foods unlocked a $1.5M opportunity with AI, optimizing their portfolio and distribution strategy for new product innovations while protecting national brands at Target stores. 🛒

In this Retail Maverick Shorts episode, we focus on a client story: Tyson Foods

In today's episode, we explore how Tyson Foods, a leading multinational food corporation, used AI to uncover an additional $1.5 million opportunity. Faced with the challenge of expanding new product innovations without negatively impacting established national brands in Target stores, Tyson Foods leveraged AI to simulate and compare different strategies. The AI-driven analysis helped rebalance their current portfolio, protecting their national brands in the frozen meat category while maximizing distribution for new products. This case study demonstrates the power of AI in navigating the complexities of category management and adapting to changing market dynamics. Listen in to learn how Tyson Foods achieved faster mutual alignment with Target and executed the optimal assortment strategy using AI.

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