Shantanu Pasari on how vending industry can adapt and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 27, 2020 | By Shantanu Pasari
Shantanu Pasari

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

What will the future of vending look like?

  • How can vending and vending machines help with our lives in a virus pandemic? Shantanu, HIVERY Enhance Director, provides insight into the benefits of vending machines in these totally unprecedented times and why having the right product assortment and stocks is more critical than ever before.
  • HIVERY holds data from some of the world’s greatest vending machine fleets across the globe from Australia, Japan, and the USA. Shantanu shares some interesting industry trends: which segments are seeing unexpected sales changes (at work vending machines, colleges and university campuses, amusement parks, nursing homes, and hospitals).
  • So what can vending operators do? Shantanu highlights some practical strategies to help their business, including re-thinking space-to-sales, routing, and assortment. For HIVERY Enhance customers the good news is that the solution is just a matter of a few clicks.
  • What other counties are doing different with vending machines? There is one product category specifically that could really reduce panic buying.

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