Ryan Wong

Ryan Wong on software engineering, mamba mentality and why a growth-mindset trumps a result-mindset

February 28, 2020 | By Ryan Wong

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

The importance of keeping a healthy body, mind and how good habits during your university life will make you a competent software engineer during your work life.

  • Why getting fantastic results at university may not be the best strategy for your future career as a software engineer;
  • His inspiration behind Kobe Bryant Mamba mentality in a quest for “infinite curiosity” in self;
  • Why you should not compare yourself with others BUT compare yourself with yourself;
  • Great list of references for any software engineer to get into the right mindset (some might feel counter-intuitive);
  • Why having outstanding technical skills are not enough for you to succeed as a modern-day software engineer.

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