Carlos Aya on mathematical models and using them to solve real problems

December 09, 2019 | By Carlos Aya Moreno

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

  • The latest methods in statistical analysis (ex. nearest neighbour)
  • The exciting R&D being done at HIVERY in developing the world’s first AI trade promotional solution for CPGs and retailers;
  • How Carlos (and his team) works through a sophisticated AI model design to solve a customer problem where, given the number of different business goals, product SKUs and constraints, there are more possibilities to solve it than literally the number of atoms in the universe;
  • The importance of relationships between data scientists and software engineers (similar to UI designers and software engineers, listen to Luke’s podcast);
  • Tips to transition from software engineering to data science. Key ingredient: Passion;
  • The balance between study and work at HIVERY.

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