Andrew Purchas

Andrew Purchas on the simple key to successful product commercialisation

April 08, 2020 | By Andrew Purchas

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

  • With the onset of new technology, Andrew highlights the need to determine how to best leverage AI within your business; whether you should consider “buy or build” strategy, and how to embrace an agile mindset while managing intellectual property across internal and external teams.
  • Andrew discusses how major companies need to adopt new approaches, including having a “new breed” of staff or upskill them to get the most of what AI has to offer.
  • What it takes to make a successful commercial deal, especially when it’s a totally new product where the product-market fit is still being validated. Here Andrew shares his expertise in understanding the importance of customer-centricity, co-designing together, being transparent around the process and avoid jargon! Andrew highlights there is more to deal with than just the financials, and sometimes strategic fit needs to be considered.
  • What is the secret ingredient in finding the right customer for a fruitful partnership, especially when you are co-designing a lot of features together? Andrew shares his thoughts on this interesting topic as well as the sales process we follow to co-design together.
  • Is customer feedback worth it? It’s important to consider customer feedback but you also need to validate it. It can be a mistake to take all feedback as equal. By really defining the problem with your customer, embracing strong customer empathy; you soon realise that not all feedback is indeed equal.

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