Alvaro Flores

Alvaro Flores on his PhD and HIVERY transforming promotional calendars

December 16, 2019 | By Alvaro Flores

In this podcast episode you can learn about:

  • How maths and operations management inspired Alvaro to devote his career to data and solving business problems with mathematical models;
  • How HIVERY has developed a completely new way of generating calendars, combining machine learning and operations research;
  • How optimisation is used in our new retail promotions calendar tool, often referred to as “Trade Promotion Optimisation”;
  • What Alvaro wanted to solve with his PhD. Hint: It’s a new way of thinking about the traditional “customer choice model”. Why new thinking? Learn why stocking the products on “most revenue”(i.e. by demand), may not be the right strategy;
  • Why working at HIVERY and studying simultaneously was the ideal way to both gain commercial experience and apply academia in a practical way;
  • What Alvaro is working on – an exciting new podcast that sheds light on innovative scientific research.

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