HIVERY Attracts Top Industry Talent Once Again

HIVERY Attracts Top Industry Talent Once Again

December 02, 2021 | By HIVERY

Sydney, NSW, Australia — December 2nd, 2021 — Meeting growth and expansion demands, HIVERY continues to move forward, attracting key hires at the industry's forefront.

Humble beginnings in 2015 launched HIVERY to the cutting-edge global force that it is today. From Australian roots, it branched to North America, Asia, and Europe. To keep up with its unprecedented success, HIVERY needs top talent to match its state-of-the-art development.

Over the years, HIVERY has added raw talent to its force of AI innovators. Now, two more seasoned professionals have joined the team. To meet the increase in customer demand, representatives from industry leaders want to be a part of HIVERY's revolution.

HIVERY is pleased to announce the hiring of Matt Schilb, VP of Product and Dirk Herdes, VP of Retail,  to help drive the next generation of assortment retail analytics. 

Matt Schilb

Schilb comes with an impressive record of success. Previously employed by Walmart, RSi, and most recently as Vice President of Product & Technology at NielsenIQ, he's aware of the need for data in decision-making, and its benefits for both companies and consumers.

"HIVERY’s motto of Data has a better idea™ is something that really resonates with me," Schilb said. "People are flooded with information, and the ability to make effective decisions has become super difficult. We have decision fatigue, which in retail can lead to subpar assortment outcomes or a bad shopper experience. The ability to simulate different assortment strategies using AI and then quantify those scenarios in minutes is where HIVERY excels."

Committed to ever-evolving AI technology, Schilb is familiar with its vast scope of results. His proven leadership and passion for design-driven innovation are the perfect forward-thinking fit for HIVERY to meet client needs while producing high-quality output.

Dirk Herdes

Herdes joins HIVERY following a successful 15 year run at The Nielsen Company where he rose to  Senior Vice President of Retail. An expert in leveraging data and analytics, he sees the massive opportunity and need for merchandising solutions to adapt to both current and future demands of the industry.

"Retailers are inundated with data, never-ending merchandising rules, and SKU proliferation," Herdes noted. "Combined with increased supply chain complications and rising consumer demands, this is making optimal assortment planning and execution very challenging. The current process is labour-intensive and too slow to respond to evolving customer needs. HIVERY was created to change this, providing a simple interface but powerful AI model that can simulate scenarios at store level to scale, quantify the impact of those decisions, and then automate planogram generation at the most granular level. This is where the industry is heading and I want to be part of the transformation."

Herdes has a passion for helping companies leverage their data and technology in new ways.  Finding the right AI-powered solutions, that enable users to easily interact with their data and make decisions that help customers fuel their growth - which has been HIVERY's belief from the start. 

HIVERY is Different

Schilb and Herdes recognize that HIVERY takes a unique approach to data, and this method of using artificial intelligence in assortment planning is the way of the future. Wanting to be a part of this growth mindset, they're perfect for the revolutionary development that HIVERY continues to deliver. With HIVERY Curate, for instance, users, with a few clicks, can make rapid assortment scenario simulations to determine the best possible decision to make around SKU rationalization, SKU introduction and space simultaneously. Simulations take into account any category goal, merchandising rules entered by the user with the impact of cannibalization and other key metrics considered to deliver optimal assortment planograms from store-level and up.

About HIVERY. Data has a better idea™

At HIVERY we believe that 'data has a better idea'. Pioneering hyper-local retailing, HIVERY offers retail AI-driven strategy assortment simulation & optimization solutions to a growing number of CPG companies and retailers across the globe.

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