Former Kantar Executive joins HIVERY to help remove the pain in determining the right assortment and space strategies with AI

May 17, 2022 | By HIVERY
Former Kantar Executive joins HIVERY to help remove the pain in determining the right assortment and space strategies with AI

Bentonville, AR, USA May 17, 2022 — HIVERY is delighted to announce Jason Ingargiola joining HIVERY to deliver AI assortment strategy simulations to more CPG brands and Retailers.

As HIVERY completes its Series B, we are now proactively recruiting the best talent to meet the growing demand of our global customers. We have aligned ourselves with some of the most talented and seasoned professionals from within the industry to build our team and increase our reach as we continue to define the future of assortment merchandising, assortment strategy simulation, and suppliers/retail collaboration.

As part of our recruitment, we are honored to have secured veteran sales executive, Jason Ingargiola, as our new Sales Director. With over 25 years of working at the intersection of marketing technology and traditional market research, Jason has committed his career to building tech-enabled research solutions that solve the problems of his clients. He has previously worked with some of the industry’s most innovative, forward-looking minds, including Affinnova, Kantar, and Keen Decision Systems.

“I joined HIVERY because they are effectively solving a set of problems in the world of assortment and merchandising that were so entrenched that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) suppliers and retailers had conceded defeat opting for the status quo because it was considered good enough. Taking an average of averages or a top-down approach to assortment planning has left millions of dollars of incremental revenue on the table. HIVERY, however, knows there is a better way, and solving the unsolvable is one of the key attributes I've actively sought out in my career,” says Jason Ingargiola.

At HIVERY, part of our vision to “solve the unsolvable” (in Jason’s words) includes applying a bottom-up approach with industry-trained AI models. As such, we are fundamentally changing the way assortment planning, demand forecasting, and planogram creation are done. We can simulate and optimize assortments to meet shoppers' product needs at their local stores by allowing CPG suppliers and Retailers to work harmoniously. We are fundamentally changing the way they collaborate with regard to assortment and space decisions.

“AI unlocks the massive array of data sets that CPG and Retailers have at their fingertips. With the right datasets and AI modeling, HIVERY is providing actionable insights and prescriptive actions to support decision-making in ways that are initially counterintuitive. Embracing this ‘counterintuitiveness’ is exactly what changes the game in making assortment and space planning decisions,” says Jason.  “The result is growth and lots of it.”

It’s why HIVERY has the tagline ‘Data has a better idea’.

With his extensive experience, Jason Ingargiola makes an outstanding addition to our growing team here at HIVERY North America. We are extremely pleased to have him on board as we continue to unlock the potential for CPG and retail brands to transform their business for the future.

About HIVERY.  

HIVERY is a pioneer of next-generation hyper-local retail assortment strategy simulation & optimization technologies for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers globally. These proprietary machine learning and applied mathematics algorithms were co-developed and acquired from Australia's national science agency - CSIRO's Data61. HIVERY was founded on the vision that Data Has A Better Idea™ - and we’re working together with our clients to uncover its full potential.

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