Optimize your trade promotions with AI & ML in minutes

Who is Promote for?
  • Revenue Growth Directors
  • Head of Revenue Growth
  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Category Directors
Key Contact
Timothy Bovington
Who is Promote for?
  • Revenue Growth Directors
  • Head of Revenue Growth
  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Category Directors
Key Contact
Timothy Bovington

HIVERY Promote

Generating trade promotional calendars is a very time consuming and iterative process, often requiring multiple internal stakeholders and retailers. Precious time is wasted on simple data collection and analysis, managed on disparate spreadsheets, built for different purposes by different people within an organisation. This leaves little time for marketing, sales and revenue growth management teams to think strategically about how best to implement promotional strategies which deliver successful outcomes to both retailers and suppliers.

Current promotional calendar analysis is often filled with human biases and is based on static analysis of the previous year’s promotional calendar and sales.

Hivery Promote revolutionises the management and design of successful and implementable promotional calendars.

The world’s first AI & ML Trade Promotion Optimization Software

HIVERY Promote is a dynamic, AI-driven trade promotion calendar solution, which continuously learns from your sales data, business constraints, price points, and promotion types. It leverages channel and competitors’ sales data, and promotional execution details to deliver unparalleled promotional demand forecasts. HIVERY Promote incorporates a powerful optimization engine which models your operational business constraints to generate implementable promotional calendars which meet your business goals and targets.

HIVERY Promote's promotion optimization engine was developed in partnership with Data61/CSIRO. It delivers implementable and robust promotional calendars within 30 seconds after considering thousands of alternatives.

HIVERY's AI Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) provides an increase in sales by up to 5%

HIVERY Promote delivers actionable promotional calendars to users with diverse domain knowledge. It allows for the configuration of business goals and constraints, giving the user a high degree of confidence that all KPIs will be achieved.

HIVERY Promote optimised calendars typically grow top-line sales by up to 5%. With just a few clicks, customers can determine the effectiveness of deploying a specific promotion on a product group at a specific retailer, in a specific state, or across multiple retailers and locations. This allows sales teams to work iteratively with retailers in real-time to ensure the best outcomes for both parties. Users can model the effect promotional behavior has on their competitors’ performance and 'game out' different strategies their competitors may implement, providing invaluable insight into sales performance and strategy. The one-click promotional calendar optimiser with configurable objectives and constraints is flexible enough to meet the needs of your business.


Melinda Wienand

Head of Revenue Growth

Coca-Cola Amatil

“We are continuously witnessing how unmatched and powerful HIVERY Promote is. It is the perfect balance between intuitive and easy to use. However, what makes it most powerful is its ability to refresh with new data and a new scenario in a very quick manner"

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Analyse the signals, create the demand

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and operations research are all engaged to help you analyse demand signals so effectively that you’ll be able to create future demand. This has simply never been possible before and represents a quantum leap for brand and category managers in CPGs and FMCG companies.

Pricing strategies in minutes. Profits inevitable.

Sales increase of 3.5% to 5%, through advanced demand forecasting and optimization.


Features of HIVERY Promote

AI-driven trade promotion optimization

Best in class interface design

An interface so easy to use that anyone can develop promotional strategies quickly, effectively, and profitably.

Strategy simulation

Promotional and pricing strategies can be tested with a real-time prediction engine, with a high rate of accuracy.

Performance dashboard

Gross sales, profit, retailer margins, unit cases, competitor data and more are easily viewed in one place, providing relevant insight before taking action.

Rule management

Implementable and actionable promotional calendars can be generated while observing your easily configured rules and business constraints. You control the constraints and the engine does the rest.

Dynamic model

Designed to understand multiple demand signals including your own and your competitor's price elasticities, cross retailer price elasticities, seasonality, store execution, category trends, and promotional fatigue.


Increased prediction accuracy and revenue

HIVERY Promote’s prediction engine routinely improves prediction accuracy by 40%+ with the ability to include promotional fatigue, cross-elasticity, competitors’ pricing, cross-channel effects and special displays. 

Through advanced demand forecasting and optimization, our customers have achieved revenue increases of up to 5%.

With HIVERY Promote, we are removing human biases and reshaping traditional methods in Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) with AI/ML and applied mathematics and statistics — helping you achieve profitable growth for CPGs and your retail partners.

Best to see a demo of HIVERY Promote for yourself. After all - seeing is believing.

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