Simultaneously optimizes merchandise and space at a vending machine level with AI

Who is Enhance for?
  • Vending Machine Operators
  • Foodservice Managers
  • Vending Machine Space Planners
  • Vending Machine Assortment Planners
Key Contact
Hideaki Yoshimura
Who is Enhance for?
  • Vending Machine Operators
  • Foodservice Managers
  • Vending Machine Space Planners
  • Vending Machine Assortment Planners
Key Contact
Hideaki Yoshimura

HIVERY Enhance

Foodservice and Vending Machine Operators globally spend thousands of person-hours determining the ideal vending ‘planogram’ (space and assortment) for each vending machine using their Vending Management System (VMS) and historical data.

However, even with the best VMS, reliable assortment optimization is almost impossible to achieve, while space-to-sales is generally less than perfect because it's often based on demographics and other arbitrary measures.

At HIVERY, our algorithms consider every vending machine to be unique. We apply artificial intelligence (AI), or more specifically machine learning (ML), to your machine vending data sourced directly from your VMS. Machine Learning helps optimize the assortment based on your data.

HIVERY Enhance also leverages advanced mathematics (or operation research models) to optimize for space-to-sales in vending machines. It creates optimized planograms for each and every vending machine in your entire fleet, all within seconds, while also incorporating your operational rules and constraints.

In 2015, we ran a pilot in Newcastle (NSW, Australia) with 60 Coca-Cola Amatil vending machines. Coca-Cola Amatil is one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the world’s five major Coca-Cola bottlers.

HIVERY Enhance generated these validated results:

These results gave birth to what is now called HIVERY Enhance. Today HIVERY Enhance is a feature-rich solution with updated algorithms and models that helps our clients optimize their vending machine outcomes.


Jared Detwiler

Vice President of Operations

One Source Refreshments

"Our trips were reduced by over 10% and our profitability per machine was outstanding in comparison to what we had before"

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Yuta Higashino

Operations Manager

JR East Water Business

“We believe the combination of the rich human experience of our operators cultivated over many years and the utilization of big data is our greatest strength.  With HIVERY Enhance, we can realise that vision, and we aim to establish a new platform for our vending machine operations that will help us recover from the impact of this year’s pandemic, as well as improve worker productivity which has been an issue for us for many years"

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The world’s first AI-solution for vending machines

HIVERY Enhance is a vending machine merchandising tool that leverages artificial intelligence and operations research algorithms to simultaneously optimize space and product assortments. HIVERY Enhance also incorporates your unique business rules and constraints, allowing you to generate planograms that are actionable in the field. Our product is currently being used by the leading vending operators and bottlers across the globe. HIVERY Enhance optimises both space and assortment at the individual machine level within seconds.

No installation required. ROI often seen within six weeks.

There’s no installation required, and HIVERY Enhance works seamlessly with your existing Vending Machine System (VMS). In fact, it makes your VMS more effective, which is why we called it Enhance.


Features of HIVERY Enhance

'What if' scenario planner

Validate your hypotheses with an accurate simulation to test which conditions increase performance before executing changes in the field.

Rule management

Can be customized to handle your operational business constraints and strategic initiatives; ensuring recommendations are realistic and actionable in the field. You can even apply specific rules to an individual vending machine, routes, branch or market segment.

Best in class interface design

The interface is so easy to use that you can get up and running in no time. Users don’t need a lot of vending domain knowledge to use the system.

Space-to-sales optimizer

Optimizes space-to-sales and reduces your restock costs. It also suggests the optimum par-level to minimise out-of-stocks.

Product recommender

Recommends the right mix of products for the vending machine by removing poor performers and replacing them with better, higher-performing products instead.

Cannibalisation optimization

Product cannibalization has an impact (positive or negative) on sales revenue. HIVERY Enhance’s engine can help generate incremental category revenue in removing or adding a product in vending machines by modelling the cannibalization effect.

New product development explorer

You can now see the outlets which have the highest opportunity to deploy new products in.

Audit transparency

View the workflow history for each vending machine, including when, who and what changes have been approved on Enhance and executed in the field.

Compliance tracking

Gain full visibility over the details of which products in vending machines have been executed to match HIVERY's suggestions.

… and finally - all of the above is done at lightning speed.


How three clicks led to $1,870

With only three clicks of a mouse, one of our clients was able to increase the operating income of a single vending machine by $1,870 pa*. This is a real-life example of HIVERY Enhance in action.

Additional operating income of $1,870pa from this machine alone.

*Australian dollars, based on one example of a real vending machine in Sydney Airport.

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