Local matters.

HIVERY Curate. The world's only store-level assortment & space strategy simulation optimization solution. Operationalize your category reset in minutes.

Who is Curate for?
  • Merchandise Directors
  • Retail Buyers
  • Category Directors
  • Category Management
  • Sales Directors
  • Category Analytics
  • Shopper Insights
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Who is Curate for?
  • Merchandise Directors
  • Retail Buyers
  • Category Directors
  • Category Management
  • Sales Directors
  • Category Analytics
  • Shopper Insights
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What if you could serve up a unique menu of assortments while considering your store’s space constraints and surroundings?

What if you could better serve your local community and store operational needs? Provide a tailored menu of options that are operationalize-aware of each store's unique constraints.

We can help retailers rapidly unlock those insights and activate that strategy in stores.

Supplier partners spend thousands of person-hours analyzing and refining category assortments and drawing planograms. This is impacting your decisions at the speed and scale that you need.

Cultivate partnerships and have your assortment-space aware shelves be locally relevant, effectively merchandised, and operationally efficient.

With technology originated in Data61/CSIRO laboratories, HIVERY Curate brings hyper-local retailing to life by operationalizing your strategy at the store level.

What makes HIVERY Curate different?

HIVERY Curate is at least 5 to 10 years in the future. HIVERY Curate's algorithmic engine is engineered with the latest academic research on assortment and space available in academia. HIVERY Curate model leverages data at the bottom up (granular data is actionable data).  This opens up the opportunity to run rapid simulations and quantify the impact.  Once you are done, export your auto-generated planogram.

Results to date

On average, we have grown sales of consumer goods brands by 5% and generated 70% operational efficiency gains in over 100 categories across major USA retailers.

This makes HIVERY Curate the most powerful SaaS-based that leverages industry-leading machine learning (ML) models and applied mathematics methods to allow you to run category strategy simulations, compare results and optimize your assortment plans with precision. HIVERY Curate allows you to cultivate partnerships internally and externally with transparency and speed.

All in minutes, not months.

HIVERY Curate can simulate any category strategy with rules and goals and measure the impact of that strategy. Once you are satisfied with the strategy, export the associated planograms - reducing the time involved in category resets and planogram generation from months to minutes.

HIVERY Curate incorporates your unique business rules and category goals, allowing you to simulate different strategic scenarios with accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing executable store-specific recommendations for every cluster dimension or count, and eliminating the averages of averages approach.

Dynamic store level category management has finally arrived.

Merchandising, category professional in CPG companies and retail can finally run rapid strategy simulation and execute. With HIVERY Curate, Category Management is now a dynamic, intuitive process instead of a long and drawn-out affair. It's the most advanced category management tool in existence, which is why retail giants such as Walmart, Coca Cola, and Red Bull are using it. Request a demo and see for yourself.

Minimal training, maximum results

With technology that originated in Data61/CSIRO laboratories, HIVERY Curate is bringing hyper-local retailing to life. It is a user-focused, intuitive tool generating planograms that optimize assortment and space in individual stores.

Rapid scenario simulation

Rapidly simulate any category strategies scenario (e.g. what will happen if I introduce a new SKU into the category?) and evaluate different category objectives, goals and/or constraints. Transform Joint Business Planning (JBP) sessions with internal and external partners.

Dynamic goal & constraint handling

Apply your own category objectives, goals and/or constraint to Curate's engine model and ask it to optimize for revenue, volume or profit

Store-level insight

Leveraging store-level data, our model can generate store-specific optimized planograms at any cluster count

Space & assortment aware

Simultaneously optimize space and assortment at store-level with set category goals and constraints

Transferable demand & cannibalization

Also called Demand Transfer; incrementality evaluate & forecast demand impacts when adding or removing a store-SKU in your category

Audit transparency

Clearly understand how each constraint impacts your predicted results, allowing for precise refinement in real-time.

Demand Transference Whitepaper

We have been at the leading edge of category management technology. We help some of the world’s biggest manufacturers predict how shopper demand will transfer when products are added to or deleted from a store’s shelf. The key is deciphering a store’s unique purchase behavior.

Borrowing ideas from Deep learning methods, HIVERY is able to generate data from random noise (i.e. random numbers) to infer incrementality and demand transferability. It's the world’s first AI-driven cannibalization model, and it drives Hivery's assortment recommendations.

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IDC InfoBrief on Next-Gen Merchandising Solutions: New approaches to meet the coming challenges of retail

IDC Next-Gen Merchandising Study

International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global market intelligence and advisory services, provider. They examine consumer markets by devices and applications to help guide decision-makers when investing in technology.

With 65% of retailers now saying AI is essential for merchandise analytics and 54% of them citing that improving ecosystem collaboration with suppliers is a top priority, IDC is seeing the emergence of Next Generation (“Next-Gen”) merchandising solutions.

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Managing constraints and maximizing profits

A new set of category objectives and constraints can be applied to generate new planograms instantly, all with audit transparency over the impact of goal, rules and constraints in real-time strategic scenario simulation. The HIVERY Curate model learns and extracts insights from your entire universe of stores and makes store-specific recommendations, realizing goals and guaranteeing recommendations are executable. HIVERY Curate’s engine optimizes product cannibalization to generate incremental category revenue in removing and/or adding category SKUs. HIVERY Curate can even factor in planogram aesthetics and is the only system in the market where you can do this as often as you’d like.

Manage space constraints such as:

  • Ensuring a product line has at least 1.5 cases on the shelves
  • Making sure a product line is placed higher than others
  • Ensuring that a set of products always stay together on the same shelf

Manage assortment constraints such as:

  • Ensuring a product line goes into at least X number of stores
  • Requiring that a set of products has exactly X points of distribution
  • Ensuring at least 2 out of 4 products goes into every store

HIVERY Curate allows you to change as much as you like. It analyses the historical data from your stores and creates planograms that maximize profits, increase sales, and align with whatever your business objectives happen to be.

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